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Could a Severe Duty Siemens NEMA Motor Improve Your Operations?

Severe duty NEMA motors reduce maintenance and downtime in dirty, contaminated environments - and can even minimize explosions.


Once You Go Milwaukee, You Never Go Back

Find out why millions of people are converting to Milwaukee Tool


IBT Supports Kansas Students at State Competition

SkillsUSA competition develops future electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic specialists


Kawasaki Awards IBT “Supplier of the Year”

Distinguished Honor from Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.


Prevent Bearing Failure in Food and Beverage

With Rexnord Link-Belt Klean-Gard bearings

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Could a Severe Duty Siemens NEMA Motor Improve Your Operations?

Siemens NEMA Motor

When you’re working in a highly dirty, contaminated, or hazardous environment, it may be worth the money to invest in a specialized, severe duty NEMA motor—that is designed to handle those challenging conditions.  And if you are working in a dirty environment that is also... Read More

Are Your Threadlockers FDA Compliant?


When you’re working in food and beverage processing, it can be a challenge to meet all the rigorous requirements of the FDA and NSF for lubricants, adhesives, and greases. What do you do when you need food-safe threadlockers, retaining compounds, and gasket sealers? Safe for... Read More

New Yaskawa Matrix AC Drive Is a Game-Changer

Yaskawa drive1

For the first time, Yaskawa is now producing an AC drive that actually offers direct AC-to-AC conversion.  It’s called the Industrial Matrix U1000 Drive. The Matrix drive’s unprecedented energy savings and innovative “built-in” IEEE519 harmonic compliance are causing a stir in the industry. Revolutionary Product... Read More

When Should I Use a Jaw-in-Shear (JIS) Coupling?

Lovejoy JIS Coupling

Could your plant benefit from using jaw-in-shear (JIS) couplings?  This flexible coupling is very powerful, and solves a number of operational challenges. “The jaw coupling is one of the most widely used flexible couplings in the power transmission field,” said Charlie Mudra, the Distribution Channel... Read More