Hearing Protection Devices from Sperian

The Sperian Protection Group designs and manufactures personal protection equipment (PPE) including electronic noise attenuation helmets, ear muffs and single-use or re-useable ear plugs under brand names that have become benchmarks on their market: Bilsom and Howard Leight. The Ultimate in Safety & Protection Your workers need the right level of protection. Not enough and […]

Prevent Hearing Loss and Boost your Protection and Safety

Everywhere you go, it’s a loud and hazardous world for your ears. Paying close attention to noise levels and using hearing protection devices, on the job and off, can help conserve your hearing and boost your protection and safety. In some ways, it is a matter of personal responsibility off the job. Many workers use […]

Get That “Tingley” Feeling All Over

Since 1896, when Charles O. Tingley opened the doors of Tingley Rubber, until this very day, the company has operated with an emphasis on quality and excellence. Today, they continue to be a leading supplier of protective clothing and footwear for industry. Sold through IBT Safety, Tingley protective products keep you safe and dry on […]

IBT Joplin Branch Celebrates 40

In December 1968, IBT opened its fifth branch location in Joplin, Missouri, located at 313 East Seventh Street. During the 40 years that IBT Joplin has been serving customers in southwest Missouri, the branch has been relocated twice. First in 1977 to 1202 South Schifferdecker Avenue and again sixteen years later, in 1993, to its […]

Hard Life and Times on the Chain Gang

A smoked meats and sausage processing plant was experiencing premature failure and degrading of their drag chain. Rust and accelerated wear were costing them valuable time, money and production. The problem, in addition to a high humidity atmosphere, was frequent washdown with high pressure water and chemicals – which negatively affected the ability of their […]

JAX Makes Lube Easy with their new Lube-Guard Program

JAX is introducing their new Lube-Guard Program. Lube-Guard is a system that uses color-coded wall charts, equipment tags and Oil Safe® containers to ensure that the proper lubricant is used on the right machinery. This program is available to you as a value-added service through your IBT sales rep. Implementing Lube-Guard in your plant is […]

First Impressions for IMT

Although the technical operatives of IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies (IMT) travel with kits of very sophisticated and complicated equipment, we start our work at any new job site with empty hands and open minds. For our initial inspections, we generally use the best and simplest tools – ones that every person can put to use: […]

Bag Maker Wraps Up a Win

Tulsack of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a leading manufacturer of custom printed, stylish shopping bags was having sticky problems. An eight-time winner of the Retail Packaging Association’s Manufacturer of the Year Award, Tulsack offers delivery with shorter lead times than their competition and takes great pride in their dependable customer service. Their manufacturing process is highly dependent […]

Quickseal Joins Tuthill Coupling Group

The Quickseal® line of leak testing, vacuum testing and pressure vessel testing equipment has been acquired by Tuthill Coupling Group, which manufactures Hansen and Coupleurs Gromelle quick connect couplings. IBT Fluid Power is a Tuthill distributor. Quickseal leak testing products have proven their efficiency and dependability for over 40 years. These connectors have been recognized […]

The Humorous Side of Engineers

There are a lot of jokes dealing with engineers, probably because many of us deal with engineers on a regular basis. In some of the jokes, engineers are the butts of the joke. In others, they are shown to be clever, admirable and wonderful people. In this issue of PrimeMover, we take a look at […]