New Safety Glasses Made Especially for Women

Here’s a news bulletin: Men and women are different. One way they are significantly different is in the size and shape of their head and face. This is significant because women workers need eye protection. But, until now, they have had to cope with unisex, one-size-for-all safety glasses that fit poorly and may not have […]

GOJO® Needs Analysis

GOJO® in cooperation with IBT, offers on-site Needs Analysis of your facility. It’s a comprehensive analysis of skin risks, type of work performed and locations to determine the right combination of skin care products, dispensing, and training to maximize the effectiveness of your personalized program and reap the rewards of clean hands. GOJO’s Skin Risks […]

Altair Multigas Detector

“The new Altair® 5 Multigas Detector from MSA is the ideal choice for confined space entry,” says IBT Safety head, Gary Porter. “This portable unit can detect can up to five gases, and comes complete with impressive features like MotionAlertTM and InstantAlertTM.” MotionAlert (when enabled) activates a “man down” alarm if no motion is detected […]

Pumped Up Hydraulic Training

IBT, long proud of its commitment to training, is aggressively expanding the company’s activities in hydraulic training products and services. Their hands-on hydraulic courses will offer a complete range of open enrollment, in-plant, machine-specific and customized hydraulic training programs at both the basic and advanced levels. The first 3-day hands-on hydraulic training and troubleshooting program […]

New Innovative Hydraulic Training System

Built by the Fluid Power Training Institute, the new model MF101D-TSE fluid power training device is a computerized training system specially created to teach students in a classroom. The device helps facilitate learning comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical insight into all aspects of hydraulic systems. The teaching program also includes troubleshooting exercises which are embedded […]

Can’t Stand the Heat?

There are many places in the manufacturing world where things get hot. Places like industrial ovens, refineries, boiler rooms, pulp and paper, turbo engines, metal fabrication, heat treat operations and glass manufacturing machines. These places have traditionally made keeping thread fasteners together a real challenge, until now. Loctite to the rescue. Loctite can take the […]

New Innovative Products from NOSHOK

NOSHOK, Inc., a leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature instrumentation, has introduced two new products that will be distributed through IBT Fluid Power Products and Services. 800/810 Series Electronic Indicating Pressure Switch / Transmitter The new NOSHOK 800/810 Series Electronic Indicating Pressure Switch/Transmitters are designed to provide continuous pressure monitoring and allow the programming of […]

IBT Has Pneumatic Cylinders for Many Types of Applications

IBT is well-stocked with pneumatic cylinders from Norgren and has drop-in replacement cylinders for products from Bimba, Humphrey, Parker, Clippard, American and Numatics. “We are priced right,” reports Gary Foerschler, IBT Fluid Power Business Group Director. “And we are stocked heavily. IBT is ready to do business.” IBT currently stocks 288 different models and has […]

Protect Pneumatic Systems with Kilfrost

Water gets into the pneumatic system. Because it is winter and the temperature is dropping below freezing (32°F/0°C), ice is forming; which can mess up expensive equipment very badly. There’s a better way to handle cold conditions on your equipment. It’s called Kilfrost®. This pneumatic tool anti-freeze lubricant (an aqueous mono ethylene glycol mixture containing […]

New Bearings From Baldor-Dodge

Factory Assembled ISAF Pillow Blocks Dodge large-bore ISAF Pillow Blocks feature integral hydraulically-assisted, adapter-mounted installation and removal systems. The Hydraulic ISAF Pillow Block Bearing is designed to reduce total cost of ownership through factory assembly and sealed, lubricated replaceable inner units. Patented Adapter Mounting System Features and Benefits Patented integral hydraulically-assisted mount system Quick installation […]