Identifying Customer Need Accurately

The current state of the world’s economy is constantly in the news and on everyone’s lips. The news everywhere is economic gloom with one corporate financial disaster following in the wake of another. Interspersed is news of corporate indiscretion, misinformation and gross mismanagement resulting in public mistrust of these institutions. At first glance, it would […]

Lean Wipe Up from Georgia Pacific

Lean manufacturing is an ever-evolving, dynamic process, covering all aspects of production. IBT and Georgia Pacific are committed to product solutions that integrate seamlessly into your Lean manufacturing processes: Improving productivity Creating less waste Reducing cost-in-use Increasing safety and hygiene Like the concept of Lean as a whole – the power of Georgia-Pacific solutions lies […]

Green. Clean. And GOJO Eco Soy

GOJO® goes bio-based with their new ECO SOYTM Hand Cleaner, available through IBT Safety. This new product is a hand cleaner that not only removes dirt, grease and oil effectively; it also helps you reach sustainability goals. Most tough soil hand cleaners use petroleum-based solvents to remove heavier stains and soils from skin. These solvents […]

Memphis Glove Company Turns Green

The company that started life as Memphis Glove Company, a well-established supplier to IBT Safety, has become MCR Safety. The new name, adopted five years ago, comes from Memphis Glove, Crews Incorporated, River City Protective Wear, and they trade as MCR. Now, the company has introduced effective safety products that are also environmentally friendly. Their […]

Speed Up Employee Training In Slow Times

I’m finding that some managers are looking at cutting back on the investment they make in training their employees. Tight money, tough times they say. No budget for non-essentials. So, training suffers. To me it seems like they have their priorities upside down. The way I see it, these challenging economic conditions make the case […]

Diamond Chain Sparkles In the Field

The grain harvest is no place for chump chain. To do the job in a grain combine, roller chain has got to be tough stuff. The hours are long; the work is hard. And the work environment is super challenging! In fact, the working conditions for chain are about as stressful as one can imagine. […]

Baldor Dodge’s Best Products

More than one hundred years and three generations after its founding, family owned and operated Bush Brothers & Company is the largest manufacturer of prepared beans in the country. Their Chestnut Hill, Tenn. plant produces millions of cans per week in a state-of-the-art facility that underwent a complete overhaul in 2004. Michael Rife, the plant’s […]

Behnke Lubricants Inc. is now JAX INC

Behnke Lubricants Inc. has changed their corporate name to JAX INC. The company believes that the name will better serve them and their marketplace as they continue to grow and build the strength of the JAX brand. IBT is a JAX distributor. “We felt that it was the right time” says Eric Peter, JAX INC. […]

Quality & Competitive Pricing

  In connection with IBT, and offering on-target quality and pricing, Norgren is pursuing the market for pneumatic actuators with aggressive pricing versus the competition – with no compromise to the famous Norgren quality.   This program has been available for several months, but Norgren has now expanded the offering to include the following products. […]

Clean Room Lifting with Ingersoll-Rand

Lifting heavy loads in a pharmaceutical plant may require unusual equipment. IBT supplier Ingersoll-Rand recently developed an innovative solution for a project in a drug company clean room. The customer required a two ton lifting capacity for a “food grade” type hoist. But this was twice the capacity that IR was currently offering for the […]