Don’t Just Do Something

The Ohno Circle is an exercise created by Japanese quality manufacturing pioneer, Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production System, which became Lean Manufacturing in the U.S. (See previous PrimeMover article.) Ohno stationed his managers inside of a small diameter circle drawn on the shop floor. They had a simple assignment: watch. Essentially, pay […]

New PPE From Sperian

Sperian, one of the world’s most successful providers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), has introduced several new eye protection and welding helmet products. Sperian Eye Protection Uvex SeismicTM Provides protection against impact, sun, wind, dust and airborne debris. Ideal for dirty, high-particulate work environments such as grinding, chipping, shaving and sanding.   Features Soft and […]

Stuff Happens. Bradley Safety/Industrial Division Comes Through.

Even the most careful worker in the safest plant can have an incident. Stuff happens. Although an ounce of prevention is still, in fact, worth a pound of cure, sometimes the cure is necessary. When the stuff that happens involves exposure to “injurious or corrosive materials1,” Bradley’s full range of eye wash and drench shower […]

Sixty Years of Innovation from IBT

If you think business is hard to conduct today, take a walk through the recent past. When IBT opened its doors as Industrial Bearing and Transmission in 1949, the state of business technology was almost pre-historic. No FAX service. No photocopiers. No cell phones. No hand held devices like Palm Pilot. No computers. Long distance telephone […]

Drives USA Chain Wins National Award

“We accelerate growth.” Drives USA Chain Recipient of the 2008 North American Mechanical Power Transmission, Chain Drives Customer Value Enhancement Award by FROST & SULLIVAN IBT supplier Drives USA Chain has won the 2008 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement for Mechanical Power Transmission, Chain Drives. They won in recognition of […]

Little Leaks Cost Lots – Loctite Has The Solution

“A small leak can sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin In just about any industrial establishment, compressed air is a constant. It is used in many places, to perform many tasks. It is often unseen. But, if it is not heard, the small air leaks that are hissing around the plant are a costly […]

Goodyear Engineered Products F5 Air Hose

Goodyear’s new F5TM Air Hose upsets the established order with its revolutionary hybrid thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE) cover and tube – and its advanced features. This 300 psi air hose has flexibility and low drag resistance. It is a lightweight hose, offering the non-marking performance of a plastic hose as well as the durability, oil resistance, […]

New Thermal Imaging Instrument from SKF

The TKTI 10, SKF’s new highly affordable handheld thermal imaging instrument, will let maintenance professionals more easily evaluate the condition of their equipment while it is running, leading to safe inspection of all kinds of mechanical and electrical machinery. The device will produce visible images from invisible radiation. As a result, users will be able […]

Koyo Explains What Happened To That Bearing?

When a bearing fails, it often points an accusing finger at the source of its demise. If you know how to read the signs. After a day long training at IBT in April, some 20 IBT sales and customer service representatives are much more knowledgeable at doing post-bearing-mortem analyses. Koyo engineers and sales specialists – […]