Going from Punishment to Positive Reinforcement

This is the fourth in the “Shift” series of step-by-step changes that help companies move to the next level of competence. Everyone comes to work wanting to do an honest day’s job. Rare is the individual who checks in at 8 am every morning scheming to “nap” away his 8-hour workday. Yet, there are organizations […]

IBT Ventilation System Program

The proper ventilation system in your facility may not be the first place to look to save money, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall working conditions. But having the appropriate air movement and temperatures at your facility can have a significant impact on all three. IBT’s goal is to assist our customers in better understanding […]

5S and the Visual Workplace

The philosophy of continuous improvement is more than a trend in today’s business environment, and the solution is the visual workplace – for improving quality, organization, efficiency, housekeeping and safety. The 5S methodology, as described in Hiroyuki Hirano’s 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace, is the foundation for making companywide improvements in both the production […]

Ninja Ice Hand Protection from MCR Safety

The Ninja® Professional Grade series hand protection is engineered to provide the highest level of innovation. Each Ninja glove includes a unique shell and polymer combination to best take advantage of the latest hand protection technology. N9690 – Ninja® Ice Hand Protection with Proprietary HPTTM (Hydropellent TechnologyTM) Coating on Palm and Fingertips Features Dual shell […]

Gear Reducer & Energy-Efficient Motor for Conveyor System

Synopsis: Dodge® Quantis® RHB & Baldor RelianceTM XE Motor made all the difference in gaining efficiencies and managing costs in one food industry’s conveying system. Background: A large food manufacturing company had been using various brands of worm and helical gear boxes to drive the rotary feeders on its screw conveyor systems. Challenge: However, because […]

Freelin-Wade PVC Now Goes Non-phthalate

How it is Made: Freelin-Wade Plastic Tubing Extrusion Plastic is a miracle of the chemical age. It was invented by Englishman, Alexander Parkes in 1855. 155 years later, we can say that plastic is absolutely everywhere. There are about 50 common polymers, and hundreds of specialty polymers. Every plastic has its own properties, and thus […]

Optimize Plant Operations & Avoid Costly Downtime

Automated processes have driven tremendous advancements in production efficiency and output over the years. Their heartbeat, of course, are motors that keep both material and work moving. But if a motor fault occurs at any point in the process, production can stop dead in its tracks. When that happens, costs start climbing – fast. Faults […]

Machine Safeguarding Facts

Seat belts, airbags, crumple zones and collapsible steering columns . . . these are just a few of the safety measures designed into most cars these days. These devices neither make our cars faster nor do they increase fuel efficiency, yet it is nearly impossible to find a new car without them, why? I guess […]

Dixon Dry Disconnect Fittings Are A Must

Dixon Bayco brand BA and BS series bayonet dry disconnect fittings are guaranteed to be compatible with existing EMCO Wheaton models. These bayonet dry disconnect fittings are most commonly used for applications within the fuel and lube oil service industry. They are designed and tested to provide maximum performance with new or installed couplings. The […]

Type E Tapered Roller Bearing Housed Units from Timken

Timken engineers have applied more than 110 years of expertise in bearing technology – and leadership in tapered roller bearings – to bring you an optimized performance tapered roller bearing housed unit. We have improved our own design to create the new standard in performance. Application testing has shown that our new Type E bearing […]