SKF Machine Condition Indicator Monitors Machine Health

Worried about unplanned downtime—due to a machine failure?  SKF’s tiny new 4 oz. sensor, called a machine condition indicator, can be mounted directly to your equipment by stud mount or epoxy, and can tell you if there’s an impending failure with a simple flashing light. “This device tells you really quickly the health of your […]

4 Ways to Cut Energy Costs—with Motor-Driven Systems

Did you know that motor-driven systems use 60%-90% of the total power in industrial settings?  While facility managers often look at plant lighting to reduce energy consumption, they sometimes overlook the contribution of electric motors. In reality, the percentage of total energy used in a plant for lighting is much smaller than the percentage used […]

StrongArm Manipulator Does All of Your Heavy Lifting

Are you using human muscle power to switch out propane tanks?  Think again.  When full, a 7-gallon tank weighs at least 50 lbs.—and requires a lift of 48-58 inches to reach a forklift truck cradle. Worse, the move is physically awkward, and runs a risk of back injury and strains—especially when the same employee is […]