Could a New Graco Automatic Lubrication System Help You?

Replaces the Manual Grease Gun What if you could deliver the precise amount of grease or oil to your machinery at exactly the right time?   A Graco automatic lubrication system can be programmed to deliver the right amount of lubricant at the right time—saving your maintenance technicians the time and hassle of manual greasing. “Lubrication […]

Did You Know About IBT’s Electrical Product Specialists?

Looking for a way to get your electrical equipment and motors running better, faster, or longer? Many people don’t realize that IBT Industrial Solutions has a dedicated team of electrical product specialists—who consult with customers on every aspect of electric motors, helping them reduce downtime, and become more productive in their operations. “Sometimes it feels […]

Sealmaster Bearings Save Bakery Over $50,000/year

A commercial U.S. bakery producing loaves of bread had a problem: their bearings kept failing every 6-8 months. Even after relubricating every 2 weeks—which created a tremendous burden for the maintenance staff—the bearings still failed repeatedly. More: Why Do Bearings Fail? After installing Sealmaster high-temperature bearings with an expansion design on one side using a […]

IBT Industrial Solutions is Your 1-Stop Industrial Safety Shop

Whether you need PPE or a completely new safety program, IBT Industrial Solutions acts as a 1-stop safety shop, offering a comprehensive suite of safety products, engineered solutions, consulting, and training services. “We sell head-to-toe safety products, along with all the consulting, engineering, and training you need to go with those products,” said Gary Porter, […]

A Must Have How-To Guide For 3M Reusable Respirator Maintenance

Quality 3M reusable respirator maintenance is essential. 3M 6000 and 7000 series respirators must be inspected before each use to ensure good operating condition. The facepiece must be repaired or replaced if there are damaged or defective parts. The following inspection procedure is suggested: Check facepiece for cracks, tears and dirt. Be certain facepiece, especially […]