Selecting the Best Shaftless Screw Conveyor for Your Application

The screw conveyor is a cost-effective, versatile, and rugged conveying solution ideal for hard-to-transport materials ranging from irregularly shaped dry solids such as scrap wood and metals to semi-liquid and sticky materials including pulp, compost, food processing refuse, hospital waste, and wastewater products. The shaftless design can be used as either a screw conveyor or […]

Industrial Rod Ends & Their Essential Role in Your Operations

Although motors and belts often steal the spotlight in industrial operations, there are many smaller, equally essential parts working behind the scenes to ensure precision performance and smooth operation—rod ends, among them. What purpose do rod ends serve? Rod ends consist of a spherically-shaped inner ring and a cylindrical bore for mounting on the ends […]

How Gearboxes & Gear Reducers Add Function & Utility to Power Transmission Operations

A gearbox—otherwise known as a gear reducer or speed reducer—is a set of gears that can be added to a motor to decrease speed and increase torque drastically.  Two standard gearbox configurations are in-line and right angle, though hybrid drives are also available. ➤ In-line models are commonly made up of helical or spur gears, […]