4 Benefits of Using Koyo Bearings with Higher Load Ratings

4 Benefits of Using Koyo Bearings with Higher Load Ratings

Koyo recently increased their bearings dynamic load ratings by 25% due to continuous improvements in manufacturing processes and the cleanliness of steel over the past 20 years. Here’s how that benefits you.

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Benefit #1 – Longer Bearing Life

Load ratings are a major factor when determining the life of a bearing – a 25% increase in load ratings results in 2X the bearing life.

“There is a significant difference in how these bearings will stand up to wear and tear over time in real world applications,” said Pete Marciniszyn, the General Manager of Industrial Application Engineering at Koyo Bearings North America.

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Benefit #2 – Design Flexibility

Whether constrained by space limitations or the life requirements of a particular application, the increased load ratings improves the power density of a bearing—allowing for productivity spikes without having to redesign your equipment.

“If you were getting 5,000 hours out of an old piece of equipment, you can increase its productivity by using a bearing with higher load ratings that will offer the same or longer life, even though it is being asked to do more,” said Marciniszyn.

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Benefit #3 – Less Maintenance/Downtime

Longer bearing life means less planned downtime for bearing replacement and less time spent by your maintenance team changing out bearings, resulting in more uptime for your equipment. Ultimately, this means more profit for your business.

Benefit #4 – Overall Savings

While there may be higher upfront costs, a bearing with higher load ratings will pay for itself in the long run due to all the factors above—including longer life, lower maintenance costs, and reduced line downtime.

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