4 Reasons to Use a Stainless Steel Hub City HERA

4 Reasons to Use a Stainless Steel Hub City HERA

If you use a High-Efficiency Right Angle (HERA) or a worm gear drive, then you should consider the new stainless steel, IP69K-Certified Hub City HERA, which hit the market in 2014.  Perfect for wet environments, it is smaller and more power dense than a worm gear drive—with all the benefits of the HERA.

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HERA Replaces Worm Gear Drive

For companies still using a traditional worm gear drive, the Hub City HERA can replace it—while still delivering high power, in a smaller gearbox.  Its astonishing 90% efficiency rate can save businesses up to $550/year in electricity with each increment of motor horsepower.

Better yet, the HERA delivers more power.  In fact, up to 2x more torque than traditional worm gear drives.

“With the HERA, you get a smaller gearbox—and more power,” said Tim Zerger, Business Group Director of Bearings and Power Transmission at IBT Industrial Solutions.  “By the end of the year, you’ve actually paid for the gearbox, and then some.  The HERA easily pays for itself.”

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4 Reasons to Use a Stainless Steel Hub City HERA

However, if you’re operating in a harsh or wet environment, you’ll need the new stainless steel HERA, said Ron Schwandt, a Manufacturer’s Rep for J T Chapman.  He recommends the stainless steel version in the following 4 scenarios…if you:

#1—Operate in a wet environment.
#2—Use a harsh, acidic washdown procedure.
#3—Work with food, and need to eliminate rust and bacteria.
#4—Currently use stainless steel worms.

Key Features

Schwandt adds that the stainless steel version of the Hub City HERA offers all the functionality of the regular HERA, with the same benefits, including:

  • PAG460—food grade lubricant
  • Viton seals—work well in hot applications
  • Quill-style units—use 2 bearings, instead of 1
  • IP69K Certification

It also carries a 3-year warranty.  “It’s designed with plug-in shafts, so we can match any solid output shaft diameter, plus a bushing system for hollow bore outputs that allow the user to stay with 1 reducer, but still have many options,” Schwandt said.  “This can fit almost any system.  We can also match your bolt hole pattern.”

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“The Hub City HERA gives you much longer life,” Schwandt said.  “It’s also made in the USA—right here in Aberdeen, South Dakota, which customers like.”

Get a stainless steel Hub City HERA

Call Tim Zerger, Bearing/PT Business Group Director at IBT, at (913) 261-2140 or tim_zerger@ibtinc.com.


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