Hytrol Sortation System Options: 5 Factors to Consider

Hytrol Sortation System Options: 5 Factors to Consider

To stay competitive in the modern supply chain market, it’s important to implement an efficient and effective automated sortation system. However, when choosing the right sortation system for your warehouse, there are several key factors that should be considered to guarantee the equipment best suits your needs.

Whether you are looking to streamline processes in your facility, prepare and strive for future market growth, or simply increase product throughput, we’ve provided a number of guidelines below to point you in the right direction in selecting the best Hytrol sortation system for your facility.

What Is a Sortation System?

An automated sortation system relies on designated technology and software to sort specific items in a warehouse or factory. As objects or materials travel along a conveyor, the sortation system can sort based on the required destination.

Sortation systems can be modified to work for a variety of applications and companies. They can also be personalized with specific customizations, such as speed or product type, to ensure all items are successfully processed and sorted where they need to be.

5 Hytrol Sortation System Factors to Consider

When choosing a sortation system for your warehouse, there are multiple factors you’ll need to consider to ensure your warehouse operations are both efficient and effective. These include the following:

1. Throughput Requirements

First, you’ll need to consider what throughput requirements are necessary for successful operation. Consider how much product you’ll need to move through the sorter per hour, per shift, per day, and more.

The sortation system is meant to make the manufacturing and material handling process easier and more cost-effective. That’s why it’s important to know throughput requirements upfront, so your sorter is automating correctly for your company.

However, there are trade-offs you will have to make depending on your facility. For example, choosing a sortation system with a faster throughput can limit the system’s design options, while a slower throughput can be less cost-effective.

2. Type of Item

You know your product best and the type of handling it needs as it travels down a conveyor. This is especially important for fragile or temperature-sensitive items, as they tend to need more delicacy when being sorted. Therefore, types of items and materials requiring sorting are another important factor to consider.

You’ll need to know your products’ specifications to know which sortation system is right for you. To get the most out of your sortation system, it’s best to consider product weight and dimensions, package orientation, load distribution, and more.

3. Spacing Considerations and Layout

Your warehouse or factory likely follows a particular layout, which is taken into consideration when designing certain systems including conveyors and sorters. For your sortation system to be successful, you’ll need to have spacial awareness of where the system is placed to ensure a safe and effective operation.

4. Pneumatic vs. Electric Sortation

Pneumatic sortation systems require air compression for power rather than electricity. If compressed air is not readily available in your facility, electric solutions may need to be evaluated.

5. Additional Requirements

In addition, you’ll need to be aware of the level of recirculation that the operation requires.

Additional Sortation System Factors to Consider

There are other factors to consider when choosing a sortation system from Hytrol, as well, including the costs vs. benefits of integrating a Hytrol E24 into your facility’s conveyor and material handling processes.

The Hytrol E24 is a roller conveyor powered by a series of 24-volt motors that are distributed throughout the conveyor. Due to their simplicity and flexibility, the 24-volt motor-driven roller (MDR) conveyors are being widely used across the manufacturing industry.

Because the drive train is distributed along the entire conveyor length, a single conveyor is able to perform multiple functions, including:

  • Starting and stopping individual sections
  • Maintaining different speeds
  • Conveying product in both directions.

What About Hytrol’s E24 Sortation System?

Up until now, one of the major determining factors in selecting MDR equipment has been maintenance and service options. Fortunately, Hytrol’s E24 is designed to be incredibly maintenance-friendly, with a decentralized drive and two standard mounting options. 

The E24 can currently last for up to 10 years of continuous operation, as it holds a lifespan of at least 125,000 hours. Plus, its high torque and low RPM motor provide the necessary power to handle larger products.

Because the Hytrol E24  is designed to work with EZLogic zero-pressure accumulation systems, the equipment itself allows for greater flexibility and multiple accumulation options within your system.

Hytrol’s E24 was designed from the ground up to provide the best 24-volt conveyor drive technology for your warehouse or material processing facility.

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