5 Questions To Ask When Considering Your Next Storage & Racking System

5 Questions To Ask When Considering Your Next Storage & Racking System

With so many racking system options to choose from….

It can get confusing on where to begin. Thankfully IBT is here to help. With our 5 Guidelines to Follow When Considering Your Next Storage and Racking System, you can rest assured you have covered your bases.

Organization is an essential part of our lives and businesses. Staying organized and tidy has been proven to have positive affects on our moods, relationships and our lives overall. It’s no wonder we implement organization tactics throughout our lives. 

If you stop and look around, we are consistently using items like storage containers, shelves, and racks in order to streamline and optimize our lives to be the best they can.  I think, for most of us, this makes complete sense. The hard part is figuring out the “what”, and the “how-to” of starting your project. 

Thankfully, IBT is your reliable source of industrial storage information, and we’re here to help. If you’ve been considering a new racking system or upgrading your existing system, this is for you! We’re going to break down the different types of racking systems, who might use them and why it’s best suited for their application. 

Main types of storage & racking systems

  • Standard Pallet Rack  – selective pallet racks are the main component of almost every warehouse storage system. Available with easy installation, interchangeable options, and accessory options, this is a common choice for many.       
  • Pallet Flow Rack  – driven by gravity, flow racks allow for movement of product in a “first-in/first-out (FIFO)” stock rotation. This high-density storage is great for rotating perishables or other date-sensitive goods.
  • Cantilever – Cantilever storage rack is a system of columns with arms that can be lifted and installed in a variety of positions. This is especially useful for storing items like lumber, tubing, and pipes. This type of racking system allows you to use the entire length of your system and provides extra flexibility for loads of varying lengths.         
  • Drive-in Racking System  – this type of racking system is very well suited for a company that stores a very large quantity of only a few products. This high-density system helps reduce overall square footage used, compared to standard pallet racking systems. With deep lane storage, you can reduce space used by eliminating aisles. This lets you cut costs while holding more loads. 

storage and racking system

Businesses that often use storage & racking systems

  • Food and Beverage production facilities
  • Steel, Pipe and Lumber Storage
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturers – additional parts/tools    storage
  • Warehouses

5 Guidelines When Considering Your Storage & Racking System

  • What are you storing?
  • What is the weight and size of the pallet or the products you want to store? *Contact your organization’s Safety Manager or Engineer if you’re not sure
  • How often do you plan on pulling the items you are storing?
  • What is the space you have to utilize for your racking & storage system?
  • What type of forklift or lift equipment are you currently using?                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The questions above, if reviewed and answered with consideration, will give you an exceptional start to understanding what storage system is best for your business. Whether you’re storing food products, motor parts for later use, or medical supplies you want to be able to get what you need, the moment you need it.  

Stuck, and need help? That’s ok too! IBT’s product specialists have years of knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process and design the best storage and racking system for your business. We can even install your system too, saving you time and money on your overall project. 

Organization doesn’t have to be stressful; it’s meant to help you stress less. If you’ve been looking for a new or upgraded racking system and overwhelmed – then contact us today. We can simplify the process for you, streamline your storage and get you organized and breathing easy once again. 


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