5 Reasons the Sealmaster® USRB™ Klamploc™ Adapter Lock is Your New, Easy to Install Best Friend

5 Reasons the Sealmaster® USRB™ Klamploc™ Adapter Lock is Your New, Easy to Install Best Friend

Installation… flashbacks of Swedish furniture instructions might be coursing through your mind about this time…Don’t worry I am right there with you!

No one likes a tedious installation process. Installation is a dreaded word for most of us. This is exactly why at IBT we are loving the Sealmaster Klamploc Adapter Lock. This Sealmaster bearing innovation makes adapter lock roller bearing installation effortless. You can easily install and be on your way! So here at IBT we’re sharing the love and clueing you in on the five reasons why we love the Sealmaster Klamploc Adapter Lock.

Install and be on your way, all with incredible clamping force.

Installation of adapter lock roller bearings and all the tedious steps can be quite annoying at times. Most of us want to be able to take our products out of the box and have it ready to use. A longer installation process can also mean more time training staff, more risk for maintenance staff to miss a step, and an overall higher risk of things going wrong.

Thankfully, the Sealmaster® Unitized Spherical Roller Bearing is now available with the Klamploc™ tapered adapter lock. The Klamploc tapered adapter lock design reduces installation complexity compared to standard designs and improves overall lock of the bearing to the shaft.

Previously the complexity of many designs made it difficult to install properly. Instructions were thrown out or installation steps were skipped. This, in turn, caused bearing slippage on the shaft and a myriad of other trickle effects because of it. Now, that risk of bearing slippage and improper tightening can be a thing of the past with the Sealmaster Klamploc adapter lock. By giving clear markings and key instruction steps right on the product itself, installation is simplified.

So, we’re sharing our top five reasons why the Sealmaster Klamploc adapter lock design will help you achieve accurate and secure clamping force, all while streamlining the installation process.

Why we love the Klamploc™ Adapter Lock:

 1. Basic installation steps are clearly marked on the

No more searching for instructions pamphlets that probably got thrown out with the box it came in.

2. No parts to remove or bend

Simply tighten the cap screw to the recommended torque after tightening the lock nut to proper final lockdown position.

3. It can be tightened with common tools like a hammer & drift, spanner or pipe wrench.

No more worrying about having a unique tool – use the common tools you and your staff have on

4. Uses common sleeve-lock nut installation process for roller

5. Reduced length-through-bore

This is now similar to a setscrew, collar mount version.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, no, it’s not. It’s Klamploc Adapter Lock!

When you take the final step of locking the Sealmaster® USRB™ Klamploc™ adapter lock bearing to the shaft, you’re closing the slit in the collar. This action clamps down further on the shaft, increasing the force it takes to push the bearing off the shaft, increasing lock reliability. Who doesn’t love a bit of extra assurance? I know I do!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-see, easy-to-train on product that helps enable excellent clamping force, then look no further! IBT is proud to carry the Sealmaster USRB bearing with the Klamploc adapter lock and provide you with the best options in our industry.

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