5 Reasons to Buy Koyo Heavy Stud Track Rollers

5 Reasons to Buy Koyo Heavy Stud Track Rollers

heavy duty stud track rollerCould heavy stud track rollers improve your plant efficiency—and save you money in the long run?  Here are 5 reasons your plant might need Koyo’s heavy stud track rollers:

#1—You move lots of product from one area of the plant to another.

Heavy stud track rollers are used with material handling equipment throughout the plant to move—or guide—products from one area to another, such as on conveyors.  This could be in a bottling line, a sawmill operation, on packaging equipment, or with labeling equipment…and much more.

#2—You have shock loads, heavy dynamic loads, or high static loads.

If you routinely work with shock loads, heavy dynamic loads, or high static loads, then the heavy stud track rollers offer better stability—and are often more cost-effective in terms of maintenance and lower downtime in the long run.

#3—Better radial load capacity.

Because heavy stud track rollers have a full complement of rollers—in other words, more rollers in the same envelope—they allow for better radial load capacity.

#4—Perform well in corrosive environments.

Koyo’s heavy stud track rollers are designed with black oxide-treated steel around their external surfaces—which gives them good resistance to corrosion.  They can also stand up to wet environments and harsh washdown, making them ideal for food processing, beverage plants, and bottling facilities.

#5—They’re easily modified to fit your needs.

Several design modifications are available to meet the needs of your application requirements, including:

  • ½ in. to 4 in. roller OD
  • Crowned or flat OD
  • Sealed or open style
  • Screw driver slot
  • Hex wrench socket

About Koyo

Koyo is a recognized global leader in the design, innovation, and manufacturing technology of ball, needle, and roller bearings for the industrial and automotive markets.  They’ve served the North America market for over 50 years, and offer increased load ratings that generate 2x the life with many of their bearings.

Ready for Koyo heavy stud track rollers?

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