5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to the Dodge® Torque-Arm II Today!

5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to the Dodge® Torque-Arm II Today!

You’re working through your day just like you would any other day. Suddenly, your inbox and phone is buzzing with notifications. One of your site’s gear reducers is down…again. There is no time to waste, you know that as every minute of downtime ticks by, the cost is racking up. You have enough on your plate as is.

You need a solution and you need it now. 

These are some of the challenges that our customers face every day and while it might sound a bit geeky, we love solving problems! (It’s kind of our thing) This is why at IBT we only work with the best of the best products and why we are delighted to offer the Dodge® Torque-Arm II Shaft Mount Gear Reducer. 

The Dodge Torque-Arm II Shaft Mount Gear Reducer has an extended lifespan, even in demanding applications. With it’s patented harsh duty sealing system and the highest torque rating per case size, the Torque-Arm II is sure to lower your total cost of ownership, provide better safety for your crew and reduce maintenance. Dodge Torque-Arm II gear reducer

Need more reasons to love the Torque-Arm II?

Here are our top 5 reasons the Dodge Torque-Arm II Shaft Mount Gear Reducer is making waves

Safety for employees:

  • Reducers are drilled and tapped for bushing covers to keep workers safe from rotating equipment
  • Belt guards prevent injury during operation
  • Backstops prevent reverse rotation when the system stops
  • Tie rod kit prevents system rotation by providing a safety link between the gear reducer and the structure

Reliability/Reduced Maintenance:

  • Metal-reinforced seals prevent contamination, protect lubrication and extends the life of the gear reducer
  • Compatible with synthetic lubricant ensuring the longest time between relubrication cycles

Extended Operating Life:

  • Increased uptime which lowers total cost of ownership
  • Built with tapered roller bearings to withstand shock loads, resulting in longer life
  • Industry-leading sealing technology ensures maximum protection against contaminants extending the reducer life

Easy to Use/Install:

  • Flexible mounting to minimize inventory including shaft mount, flange mount, and screw conveyor drives
  • Features twin tapered bushing system that makes installation and removal quick and easy

Sizing Availability: 

  • Available in 12 case sizes up to 400 Hp (300 kW)
  • Torque ratings through 500,000 lb.-in. (56,500 Nm)
  • Accommodates shaft sizes up to 7 inches (160 mm)

On top of all of the benefits we listed above, with the Torque-Arm II you get the reassurance that comes from decades of Dodge experience in applying mechanical products throughout a wide range of industrial applications. 

dodge torque arm gear reducer

The Torque-Arm II Shaft Mount can also be changed from a shaft mount reducer to a screw driver which allows you to replace 2 gearboxes, with one. By field adding additional accessories, you can meet multiple needs with one unit. 

Dodge has even had the Torque-Arm II ATEX Certified. The best yet? You don’t have to stress about figuring out the size you need, just hop over to the Dodge Passport portal to use their online selection program. Don’t have access to wi-fi or the portal easily – no worries, we’ve got you covered. Just call one of your IBT Bearings & PT Product Specialists today and we will ensure you get the right size you need. 

For all of your Bearings & PT needs, IBT has you covered. Contact us today to discuss how we can help. 

Ready to upgrade your gear reducer today?

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