5 Tips to Get Your Warehouse Ready for 2022

5 Tips to Get Your Warehouse Ready for 2022

Is your warehouse ready for 2022?

The pandemic has caused all of us to reevaluate our practices and methods for conducting business. Customers have formed new habits and heavier use of eCommerce shopping means that all of the warehouses need to be reevaluated. Getting your warehouse ready for 2022 and the future is critical. 

warehouse readyAutomation Technology

Fully automated warehouses are not a reality, yet. Automated sorting processes, pallet shuttling, and stacker cranes are already in warehouses. Automated shuttle systems can allow warehouses to increase their throughput and storage density without a loss in productivity. Material handling can happen faster, more accurately, and handle more volume with an automated solution.

Robotic picking is coming. It is not here yet, but it is not that far away either. Once robotics prove to be effective in more use cases, then you can guarantee to see more of them in modern warehouses. Robotic picking is another way to update an existing warehouse.

Smarter Layouts

The overall design and layout of a warehouse are a large part of efficiency and safety. Improved productivity and lower accident rates are some of the products of making changes to an existing warehouse. You will be glad that you made the effort.

Using your vertical space is one solution. Taking a deep dive into your analytics to see where your workers spend most of their time can lead to the potential for adding some automation is another. Also bunching your most commonly purchased products closer together can lead to better picking, packing, and shipping times.


With more companies moving to one-day or even same-day delivery, your warehouse needs to be able to adapt to this model. Micro-fulfillment centers (IBT’s branches) in places of high demand can give your warehouse an advantage in increasing capacity and shipping efficiency. This will help reduce delivery times as well. 

Whether added to an existing location or functioning as a standalone facility, micro-fulfillment centers are a cost-effective, flexible solution for faster last-mile deliveries.

Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility is critical to warehouse management and operations. Modern customers prefer and increasingly want round-the-clock access to shipment information and delivery updates. This communication and supply chain visibility can help you quell customer concerns, spot any supply chain trends early, and prepare for potential disruptions.

Green Technology

Companies pushing more Green initiatives are seeing cost savings and garnering goodwill from consumers. In recent years there has been an increase in energy-efficient systems and practices. Solar panels, LED lighting, cool-roof systems, skylights, and green building materials are some of those new green solutions.

Green practices are also marketable. Consumers want to spend their dollars with companies who share their values, meaning that companies that highlight their green supply chains can generate more goodwill and dollars.

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