SKF Machine Condition Indicator Monitors Machine Health

SKF Machine Condition Indicator Monitors Machine Health

Worried about unplanned downtime—due to a machine failure?  SKF’s tiny new 4 oz. sensor, called a machine condition indicator, can be mounted directly to your equipment by stud mount or epoxy, and can tell you if there’s an impending failure with a simple flashing light.

“This device tells you really quickly the health of your machine,” said Robert Pinyan, the Regional Sales Director for the U.S. South Central Region of SKF.  “It’s kind of like having a doctor onsite.”

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How Does It Work?

The SKF machine condition indicator works by periodically testing the temperature and vibration of your equipment.  The LEDs blink green, amber, or red—to indicate the presence and severity of a problem.

“This is a simple, straightforward way to do condition monitoring on your equipment,” Pinyan said.  “It allows problems to be detected before a failure occurs, which is so important in a large operation.”

It works equally well on almost any piece of equipment in your production line—including the electric motor, gear reducer, bearing housing, and more, he added.

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Prevents Unplanned Downtime

While the SKF machine condition indicator can be used on almost any process or production line, it is especially helpful in the food and beverage industry or with packaging equipment, where a failure can cause product damage, breakage, spoilage, or loss—all of which are very expensive.

“Unplanned downtime is very expensive,” Pinyan said.  “The huge benefit of this little device is that it allows you to identify problems and make repairs during planned downtime, which is much less costly.”

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Detects Elevated Temps and Excessive Vibration

Elevated temperatures and excessive vibration indicate an issue with a bearing or other piece of equipment, Pinyan said.  The machine condition indicator detects both.  It is also equipped with a verification system to eliminate false alarms, as well as a sleep feature that conserves battery power.

“It’s very easy to read,” he said.  “If it flashes, then something is not right.”

About SKF

SKF is a leading global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, lubrication systems, and services.  SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has around 15,000 distributor locations worldwide.  Annual sales in 2012 were SEK 64,575 million, with 46,775 employees. 

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