ABB Motion Control Products Ideal for Repeatability, Torque, Speed Applications

ABB Motion Control Products Ideal for Repeatability, Torque, Speed Applications

ABB Servo motors, servo controllers, and HMI products now give you more flexibility to design control systems where repeatability, torque, or speed of a move is critical.  ABB offers:

  1. Comprehensive line of motion control products
  2. New MotiFlex e180 Servo Drives
  3. Limitless configurations for high-power apps

IBT Industrial Solutions is now an authorized ABB automation distributor. IBT has been selling ABB motion control products such as servo motors, servo controllers, and HMI products since January 2015.

“This partnership solves a lot of issues for our customers,” said Jim Wright, the Electrical Product Manager for IBT. “We’re really proud to be a partner with ABB.”

Comprehensive Line of Motion Control Products

Wright added that IBT chose ABB as a partner for their high quality of product, warranty delivery, and price. ABB offers a comprehensive line of motion control products. In addition to their servo motors, controllers, and HMIs, they also offer high-power industrial drives, robotics, safety controllers, PLCs—and almost every component required to build a control cabinet.

“Their product depth and breadth is amazing,” Wright said. “Now we can help our clients choose and integrate exactly the right components into their systems from ABB’s wide choice of motion control solutions.”

New MotiFlex e180 Servo Drives

One of the new offerings Wright is most excited about is ABB’s MotiFlex e180 Servo Drive, with integrated Ethernet and motor feedback capability—which makes it easier to build systems using PLCs. The drive is extremely flexible, and can be integrated into almost any application, control system architecture, or motor feedback scheme—without buying any additional hardware.

Limitless Configurations for High-Power Apps

It’s ideal for machine-building situations where repeatability, torque, or speed of a move is critical, Wright said, adding that automation engineers, system integrators, and even OEM machine designers will be interested in this technology.

“The MotiFlex e180 offers OEMs and automation engineers a drive range that is almost limitless in its applications potential,” says Product Line Manager Michael Mikolajczak. “It can be configured in so many different ways for different control architectures, feedback schemes, and communications networks—that it really represents a universal platform for high-power applications.”

About ABB

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB group of companies operates in 100 countries and employs about 150,000 people.

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