ACE Weartec Plus Fights Corrosion in Wash Down Areas

ACE Weartec Plus Fights Corrosion in Wash Down Areas

ACE Weartec Plus

Wash Down Corrosion

The harsh environment of wash down areas in the food and packaging industries subjects equipment to corrosion, erosion and the ravages of time.

For pneumatic components, ACE Controls fights back with Weartec Plus. A protection that is now standard on the majority of ACE’s industrial shock absorbers and feed controller threaded outer tubes.

It’s the ideal corrosion fighter in wash down areas for these industries as well as outdoor environments. Ace Weartec Plus, available now on UNF and metric threaded models at no additional cost.

Aggressive independent laboratory salt-spray testing confirms that Weartec Plus offers superior corrosion protection compared to platinum, Armoloy.

Test results for Ace Weartec Plus:

  • 30% better than platinum
  • 30% better than Armoloy® electrocoating
  • 30% better than nickel plate
  • 67% better than hard chrome
  • 150% better than black oxide

The product lines of ACE Controls include: industrial and safety shock absorbers, gas springs, hydraulic dampers, rotary dampers, feed controllers, TUBUS elastomer bumpers and NuCushions for pneumatic cylinders.

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