Aerosol Label Logic

Aerosol Label Logic

JAX is taking the guesswork out of aerosol lubrication. Their new aerosol lubricants have can labels that are color-coded for instant recognition.

Green means GO – the product is food grade and NSF Registered. (H1) These products are acceptable as lubricants with incidental food contact (H1) for use in and around food and beverage processing areas. (3H) These products are designed as Direct Contact or Release Agent products, meaning that they can be used to lubricate, adhere or coat to prevent contamination or rust in applications where there will be known contact with food or beverage.

Color coding JAX Pressure-Lube lubricants identifies the product as food-grade (green), fleet and material handling (purple), industrial (red) or solvent and cleaner (blue).

The NSF logo and rating appear on all products that are registered by NSF. The green JAX food-grade symbol appears on H1 and 3H products. CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) is labeled next to NSF as applicable.

Hazard symbols now appear on all cans to identify hazards. The NFPA Diamond is placed right on each can with accurate numbers and colors for storage and handling. This will eliminate need for your storeroom to label cans, while wondering whether they did it correctly.

JAX hazard symbols are already up to United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) 2010 standards.

In addition, the labels are finished using special ADMIRRORTM coating to resist moisture, oil or grease.

Packing boxes for the aerosols also have a new design, featuring die cut flaps and beefier construction. This is to help the packages survive parcel handling and shipping and to eliminate damage while the products are in the box.

Below are listed some new products designed to offer solutions while incorporating the new look:

Synclear (H1) formulated with a 100% PAO synthetic, inorganic-based, non-melting food-grade NSF H1 grease. It offers a light, almost clear coating designed for applications from ambient to High Temperatures. Excellent for applications such as heat tunnels as well as for automotive hinge, lock, or door mechanisms.

Tef-Stef (H1) for applications that require a clean, dry, non-silicone-based powder-style friction-reducing lubricant.

Food-Grade Mold Release N-S (3H) designed to provide efficient food release from grills, loaf pans, boning benches, chopping blocks, and other hard surfaces. It has been formulated with a Non Soy Lecithin to help users eliminate the need to change product labeling to address the FDA’s allergen warning statements or disclosures.

WLTB White Lift Truck & Boom (H1) formulated especially for forklifts that operate in a food, beverage or pharmaceutical processing area, and for telescoping boom cranes that are white in color and do not desire a dark/black lubricant to help eliminate chatter and binding as the booms extend or contract.

Big Jim Open Gear Spray Grease an extremely thick, high-cling open gear spray grease with added moly and graphite; created to improve upon the void left behind when Chevron decided to eliminate their Open Gear Grease Aerosol.

To learn more about JAX and their color-coded aerosol labels, ask your IBT sales rep or write to us.

Special Introductory Offer

For the first few months of the roll out, Pressure-Lube will be offered with a two pack of the world renowned “Hold-It” tubular straw holder. These will be packed in each box that needs an extension tube. The “Hold-Its” can last forever, so JAX recommends that you hang onto them for long term use.


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