All That Stuff Is Money

All That Stuff Is Money

It may look like junk, but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. IBT’s Integrated Services Group (ISG) might be able to do you some good in converting surplus MRO goods into something of value. There are places where people are very eager to pay a decent amount to get their hands on material that is cluttering up your storage space.

Of course, we have a strong basis of knowledge in pointing this out. It is one that is simply stated: ISG has helped many organizations get a handle on their MRO supply chain by streamlining processes and automating procedures. We’d be happy to do the same for you.

Gaining value from your excess material is just one of the ways we do this. Actually, it is really only the first activity in a broad strategy that brings you greater ROI. ISG focuses on helping people work smarter, work harder, make money, create an orderly flow of inventory and information and, at the same time, use technology to help manage MRO procurement and maintenance processes.

Running a tight ship – especially in the MRO area – is always a good idea. Unfortunately, some managers may have an aversion to tackling this area. They may think that in good times, they don’t need to. And in bad times, they can’t afford to.

This logic is upside down. In good times, the wisdom of having all of your systems and processes under control is an obvious one. If your equipment is operating at a high level of production, it is under increased stress. What better time is there to make sure you keep it running?

ISG’s objective is to have the replacement parts and components ready for quick implementation, should the need arise. Under a slower production schedule, the ISG program starts to increase ROI by ensuring there isn’t any unusable MRO stock on hand. We turn excess into value, as we mentioned.

Using Maximo® Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), our maintenance technology solutions program tracks your machinery and manages plans for maintenance procedures. Planned downtime for routine and preventive maintenance is always preferable than unplanned downtime, which leads to lost productivity because of unexpected repairs.

If you want to explore improving ROI, ISG has many ways to help. Whether you want to approach a completely integrated solution or if want to turn excess material into something more valuable, we have the answers you need.

We can help you explore the various options you have for increasing your ROI. All you have to do is ask. Let’s talk soon.


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