Asset Recovery Time

Asset Recovery Time

What do you see when you look at the inventory you have in your store room? Do you see dollars that are committed to maintenance inventory that you wish you could reallocate to another need in your plant?

Do you have a good system in place for managing your investment? Or has inventory grown to an excessive amount because you are at a loss for how to set up and maintain a good inventory control system? Do you have inventory in your store room for equipment you no longer have in your plant?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, IBT can assist you. We will not only determine a resolution to your store room problems, but also work with you to achieve the end result you expect.

Since IBT is in the inventory management and distribution business, it was only natural that years ago we began responding to customer requests for assistance with their inventory needs. What began as responsive customer service has grown into IBT’s Integrated Services Group.

Our list of available services is extensive. Suffice it to say, your need will not be one our team has not dealt with before. The expertise afforded to our customers through our Integrated Services Group delivers documented cost savings and/or asset recovery through such avenues as:

  • Better inventory control, resulting in less down-time and reduced rush freight costs.
  • Removal of dead, obsolete and non-moving inventory, recovering at least a portion of original dollars invested.
  • The ability to capture usage data and use that information to achieve product standardization.
  • Inventory reductions through more accurate max/min counts.
  • Bar coding for real time access to information.
  • Identification of redundant and overstock inventory.

To find out how IBT can help you please contact Phil Pope, General Manager ISG & National Accounts at 913-428-2812 or email him.


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