IBT Expands Online Industrial Training, Stratus Learning, with Hundreds of New Courses & Unique Learning Plans

Since 1968, IBT Industrial Solutions has served as an industry leader in providing industrial training for individuals one-on-one, as well as entire teams. Now, with Stratus Learning’s latest course expansion, we’re able to offer a variety of online training programs for industrial professionals across multiple disciplines. Whether you’re an employer who is seeking training for […]

Industrial Screw Conveyors: Pulling vs. Pushing Material


Industrial screw conveyors, or auger conveyors, move bulk material such as granular solids (powder, grain, granules), semi-solids, liquids, and non-flowing material from point to point. Typical materials transferred in screw conveyors are cereals, fertilizers, animal feeds, ash, gravel, cement, and solid wastes. They drastically increase productivity, reducing the manual labor required to move the material […]

Combat Key Challenges in the Food Industry with Plastic Modular Belting

When it comes to impactful conveying solutions for the food industry, resilience is the most crucial element. With the corrosive environments, sterilization requirements, and continual maintenance facing food processing and packaging applications, plastic modular belting provides a holistic solution that can combat each of these challenges head-on. In this article, we’ll walk you through the […]

7 Different Types of Seals for Industrial Applications


From holding pressure to preventing leakages to keeping out contaminates, industrial seals play a crucial role in the performance of your equipment. A seal’s service life and reliability can make all the difference in reducing friction, extending maintenance, and increasing sustainability. That’s why it’s important to understand the different types of seals and the industrial […]

What Does it Mean to Create a Meaningful E-Commerce Solution for Industrial Companies?

eCommerce solution

While the industrial industry as a whole has been slower to embrace digital transformation that would allow them to better serve their B2B, and even B2C, customers through e-commerce, many are starting to understand the importance, especially after the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, according to a PwC COO Manufacturing Survey, 66% of […]

Mounted Solid-Block Spherical Roller Bearings for Rugged Applications

As an industry that stands up to the most demanding circumstances and conditions, the aggregate industry needs unwavering solutions for their conveying needs. When it comes to mounted spherical roller bearings in particular, harsh environments, contamination, shock loading, and abrasion pose quite the challenge in extending life expectancy and avoiding costly downtime and replacements. In […]

IBT Launches Its New, State-of-the-Art Industrial Training Lab


For over 70 years, IBT Industrial Solutions has served as a leader in providing strong face-to-face, hands-on industrial training. Building upon our legacy of our exceptional industrial training program, we’re pleased to announce the addition of our new, hands-on training lab at our headquarters in Merriam, KS. This space is the next evolution of IBT’s […]

How to Extend Sprocket Life & Increase Uptime


When it comes to industrial applications, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach to selecting the right sprocket, as each application has its own unique set of requirements, materials used, and shaft and assembly considerations to take into account. However, there are some common concerns to keep in mind when selecting the right industrial sprocket for your […]

Improve Your Operations with Agriculture Duty Mounted Ball Bearings


From tilling to irrigation to harvest and more, those who operate in the agriculture industry understand the importance of constantly searching for new ways to boost efficiency. In today’s marketplace, with demand at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever that agriculture operations have sustainable, long-lasting equipment that they can depend on. In this […]