IBT’s New CEO Continues to Focus on Customer Service

IBT Industrial Solutions is excited to announce that Mike Flannery has taken over as CEO and President of the company—a move which translates to better service levels for customers as the company moves forward. “Mike was our first choice because he really understands the importance of our relationships with our customers, suppliers, and team members […]

Warm Up Cold Employees – Indoors or Outdoors

As the temperatures drop, so does productivity.  By using effective portable heating, you not only make employees happier and more comfortable—you can actually boost productivity, and get more work done in the long cold days of winter. Productivity Drops + Mistakes Increase—in Cold Temps The connection between cold temps and productivity is well-established by research.  A […]

Asphalt Company Increases Output 60%—with New Mobile Hydraulics

Bettis Asphalt & Construction was looking for a way to speed up production on their 8 large heating and milling drones that form an asphalt-paving convoy almost 700 ft. long.  These units heat and mill the existing asphalt surface, add an asphalt rejuvenation emulsion, and then replace the asphalt back on the road. This process […]

Are Ultraviolet Lamps Part of Your Food Safety Program?

Recent deadly outbreaks of microorganisms showing up in ice-cream, caramel apples, cantaloupe, and peanuts have drawn national attention to the issue of food processing safety.  In fact, 3,000 people die annually in the U.S. from foodborne diseases—out of a total 48 million who get sick, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As […]

New Brush Top Makes Applying Loctite Anti-Seize Easy

A new brush top now makes it easier—and more precise—to apply anti-seize.  The brush top, created by Henkel, simply screws on—making it easier for maintenance staff to do their jobs. “If you work with anti-seize lubricant, then you know how tricky it can be to apply,” said Mike Jones, an Adhesive Specialist for Henkel Corporation.  […]

Could a Severe Duty NEMA Motor Improve Your Operations?

When you’re working in a highly dirty, contaminated, or hazardous environment, it may be worth the money to invest in a specialized, severe duty NEMA motor—that is designed to handle those challenging conditions.  And if you are working in a dirty environment that is also highly combustible, a NEMA motor that is also explosion proof […]

Are Your Threadlockers FDA and NSF Compliant?

When you’re working in food and beverage processing, it can be a challenge to meet all the rigorous requirements of the FDA and NSF for lubricants, adhesives, and greases. What do you do when you need food-safe threadlockers, retaining compounds, and gasket sealers? Safe for Food and Beverage Luckily, Henkel Loctite Corporation produces a complete […]

Kupas Habis Saat ini Pula Kelebihan Dari Situs Slot Online Terpercaya

Mengupas suatu keistimewaan dari situs permainan yang terdapat sifat judi memang tidaklah bakal ada batasnya. Yang di mana sekarang juga kelebihan yang dipunyai oleh situs itu tengah ditolong oleh atau terdapatnya technologi yang lebih meriah dapat kecanggihannya . Maka tidaklah heran apabila suatu web-site yang menadahi perjudian agen judi slot online itu sekarang mengenyam kenaikan […]

This Matrix AC Drive from Yaskawa Changed the Game

Did you know: top-quality brand, Yaskawa, was the first company to produce AC drives that offered direct AC-to-AC conversion?  The Industrial Matrix U1000 Drive’s unprecedented energy savings and innovative “built-in” IEEE519 harmonic compliance caused quite a stir in the industry. Revolutionary Product “We’re on the cutting edge of this technology—but it’s only a matter of time […]

When Exactly Should I Use a Jaw-in-Shear (JIS) Coupling?

Could your plant benefit from using jaw-in-shear (JIS) couplings?  This flexible coupling is very powerful, and solves a number of operational challenges. “The jaw coupling is one of the most widely used flexible couplings in the power transmission field,” said Charlie Mudra, the Distribution Channel Manager for Lovejoy, Inc., adding that the original jaw coupling […]