Innovative Ergonomic Development

Heavy lifting is for body builders in the gym – and for chumps at work. Using human muscle power to move objects that are clumsy, heavy, fragile, or need critical positioning is inefficient, potentially hazardous, and to be blunt about it, just plain dumb. It is especially distressing to see companies using muscle power when […]

New Ingersoll Rand Cordless Tools – IQv Series

Ingersoll Rand has announced exciting additions to its IQVTM Series family that now include a cordless grinder and ultra-quiet ratchet line plus eight new impact tool models. For applications where the use of compressed air is not practical, Ingersoll Rand offers a complete line of electric impact tools in 3?8 inch, 1?2 inch, 3?4 inch […]

ACE Weartec Plus Fights Corrosion in Wash Down Areas

Wash Down Corrosion The harsh environment of wash down areas in the food and packaging industries subjects equipment to corrosion, erosion and the ravages of time. For pneumatic components, ACE Controls fights back with Weartec Plus. A protection that is now standard on the majority of ACE’s industrial shock absorbers and feed controller threaded outer tubes. […]

Pumped Up: IBT & Norgren Ready for Business Flow

IBT Fluid Power has a long and proud association with Norgren – one of the world’s leading fluid power component manufacturers. Norgren comes to the marketplace well armed with state-of-the-art technology, outstanding durability and aesthetics – as well as competitive pricing. IBT Fluid Power enhances the excellence of the Norgren products with on-site inventory, knowledge, […]

What Have We Done for You Lately

The procurement manager and the engineering supervisor were receptive but skeptical. They politely agreed to meet to talk about the fluid power products IBT offers but, they had indicated, they really weren’t looking to change suppliers. The company to whom they were currently loyal had been working with them for years. The supplier’s range of […]

Quality Shows In Ogden Accumulators

Ogden bladder accumulators are distributed through IBT Fluid Power. These high quality products are built tough to absorb punishment – and to exceed industry norms and customer expectations for reliable performance. The secrets of their success are built in:     Valve Core: 517 bar (7500 psi) design pressure for improved reliability and performance.   […]

The Beauty is in the Details

They are small things, really. Not one of them is the major part of any component that it is used in. But, they are essential to operations every time and every place they are used. Their importance, however, can never be underestimated or taken for granted. As a result, for more than 90 years, the […]

The Value of Curiosity

Although curiosity may have killed a few cats, it can be properly applied to winning a few sales. The key is to try to keep asking questions until the true picture of the “problem” at hand is revealed. Of course, it helps to have your curiosity backed up by some knowledge – and enhanced by […]

Finding a need for Post Delivery Engineering

I have great respect for the hard-working maintenance people that keep our customers’ plants up and running. Their jobs are not easy. Usually, they are so busy being “firefighters” that they never have a chance to get involved in “fire prevention.” Something breaks. They fix it. Usually, as my friend Murphy would assure you, it […]

Hub City’s Green HERA Gearbox Translates Energy to Cost Savings

Worm gear reducers are mechanical drive train components used to reduce shaft speed and increase torque in thousands of industrial applications. Typical uses include conveyors, mixers, food processing equipment, hoists, augers, packaging equipment and many others. Hub City’s high-efficiency gear reducer offers significant energy savings and bolt-in mounting provisions to replace industrial worm gearboxes Although […]