Choosing Automatic Lubrication for Your Yellow Iron Equipment

Choosing Automatic Lubrication for Your Yellow Iron Equipment

Tired of manually lubricating your yellow iron equipment? IBT Industrial Solutions has the perfect way to save you time and money.

For your convenience, we sell and install automatic lubrication systems on equipment for brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, and John Deere. With many pumps to choose from, IBT’s professionally trained technicians can help you identify which system will work best on your equipment.

Benefits of Automatic Lubrication Systems

There are many reasons why you should install an automatic lubrication system in your yellow iron equipment. These systems will enhance workplace safety and your machinery’s performance. Compared to manually greasing a machine, there are several key benefits to using an automatic lubrication device.

Extends Equipment Life


Automatic lubrication provides the right amount of lubricant at the right time, and in the right place. According to IBT’s Director of Mechanical Services, Michael Gebauer, “This solution allows operators to adequately maintain their equipment while not wasting grease.”

Gebauer said, “Automatic lubrication distributes smaller amounts of lubricant to the machine at more frequent intervals. This approach ensures each lube point receives the right amount of grease at the right time without the risk of over- or under-greasing.”

Cuts Maintenance Costs

You can expect less wear and tear on your machine with automatic lubrication compared to manual lubrication. Over- or under-greasing equipment could cost you between $5,000 to $10,000 in repairs. These systems can help you keep your maintenance costs low.

Eliminates Unnecessary Downtime

Need to add grease while the machine is running? No problem! With automatic lubrication, you can avoid going through lock-out and tag-out procedures, as there’s no need to turn the machine off.

Improves Workplace Safety

You no longer need to climb onto the machine to manually grease lube points. With automatic lubrication, you simply refill the accessible pump with grease.

Choose From These Solutions by Graco

If you’re looking for a reliable device for your yellow iron equipment, look no further than Graco automatic lubrication systems. Graco offers a variety of automatic lubricators for your yellow iron equipment, including the following:

G Series®: G3 and G-Mini Pumps

Graco's GLC220 Controller

The G Series from Graco is one of the leading automatic grease lubricators on the market. There are two types of models designed to meet the lubrication requirements for different-sized equipment:

  • The G3 Pump: This model is designed to lubricate heavy-duty machines like excavators and wheel loaders.
  • The G-Mini Pump: This model works better for small-scale machines like skid steers and mini excavators.

Dyna-Star®: Compact and Electric Pumps

Both of these pumps assist tough earth-moving machines like haul trucks and bulldozers.

Graco automatic lubrication customers can choose from any grease up to an NLGI grade 2 on mobile off-road applications. This flexibility allows equipment operators to utilize the best lubricant for their operating environment as long as it fits within pump and meter specifications.

Graco’s Market Specialist and Sales Manager, Gabriel Elmhorst, said, “Graco strives to provide our customers with the highest quality pumps available today. Given Graco’s history of manufacturing excellence and our dedication to A+ Customer Service, we are committed to providing our customers with the best value in automatic lubrication.”

Switching from Manual to Automatic Lubrication

Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors recently selected IBT to install Graco’s G3 Pump on an excavator. The installation included adding these four main components to the machine:

  • G3 Pump: UV-protected and sealed, this translucent blue reservoir features a stirring paddle to help ensure the grease does not separate.
  • MSP Divider Valves: These two-bolt valves are designed to deliver a predetermined amount of grease to each of the machine’s lubrication points. Assembly includes a grease zerk as well as a cycle and performance indicator.
  • GLC220 Controller: Located inside the cab, the controller operates and monitors the lubrication system. Complete with a digital display, touchpad controls, and LED lighting, these features provide simplified programming and real-time feedback for operators.

Accessories for these include hoses, fittings, mounting hardware, and guarding.

Brett Newell, Equipment Coordinator at Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors, found IBT helpful and easy to work with throughout the two-day installation process.

Newell said, “The technicians at IBT were easy to talk with and listened to my input. The installation process went smoothly. Afterward, they took time to show me how to properly use the pump.”

This particular excavator often changes operators and is typically used for heavy-duty uses, including utility installations or rock breaking. Before the G3 Pump, Newell often worried that machine maintenance, including manual lubrication, wasn’t being done regularly.

“I now have peace of mind thanks to the G3 Pump,” Newell said. “I no longer have to worry if the machine is getting adequately lubricated by the operator.”

In the future, Newell hopes to add Graco automatic lubrication pumps to more of his equipment fleet.

IBT Offers Well-Rounded Automatic Lubrication System Installation

IBT’s expert technicians are here to help. We offer a range of installation options, including:

  • Full Installation: IBT technicians arrive at your site to install the pump. Installation can take between one to three days to complete, depending on the size of the equipment.
  • Installation Support: An IBT technician works with the customer on-site to install the pump.
  • Purchase Product: Receive the lubrication pumps and systems from IBT and install it on your own.

Other applications besides yellow iron equipment can also benefit from automatic lubrication, including wind power, manufacturing, trucking, mining, paper, and sawmills. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

Graco's G3 Pump on Yellow Iron

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