Bag Maker Wraps Up a Win

Bag Maker Wraps Up a Win

Ingersoll Rand and IBT

Tulsack of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a leading manufacturer of custom printed, stylish shopping bags was having sticky problems. An eight-time winner of the Retail Packaging Association’s Manufacturer of the Year Award, Tulsack offers delivery with shorter lead times than their competition and takes great pride in their dependable customer service.

Their manufacturing process is highly dependent on glue, the magic ingredient that allows them to assemble a wide range of high quality paper stocks into paper handle bags that serve as reusable walking billboards.

The company’s pumps, manufactured by Wilden and Versa-Matic, were failing every six months. Not only was the cost of the replacement pumps making a big dent in the productivity of the plant, the downtime caused by unexpected work stoppage each time one of them gave up the ghost was decidedly interrupting the flow of finished products to eager customers.

Unfortunately, moving the glue around was causing them a problem. Glue, as you might imagine, can be a real challenge to pump properly. In addition, the ingredients that make glue bond can be hazardous to the life and health of the mechanism used to pump it.

Tulsack’s glue was highly viscous. To further complicate the application, the distance which the glue was pumped included a vertical lift to the plant’s ceiling level, and then a significant horizontal transport, followed by a downslope to the actual applicator machinery.

IBT’s Gene Eilerts got on their case. By changing the supplier of the pumps to ARO, distributed by IBT, he was able to extend pump life by a major factor.

The pump specified is an ARO PD 20A-AAP-AAA. The designation indicates that it is a two inch, metallic air operated double diaphragm model. It has an aluminum air cap, a NPTF thread, aluminum fluid caps and manifolds, plated steel hardware, and seat, ball and diaphragms made out of SantopreneTM.

After installing the ARO pumps, the customer reports that their pumps now last much longer. The first ARO pump was installed in April of 2002.

With ARO’s exclusive convoluted diaphragm and unbalanced valve designs, their double diaphragm pumps last longer and perform better than competitive models.

So, for now, Tulsack is sticking with IBT.

For more information about how IBT can help you lick your glue problems – or help you improve your fluid power industrial process in any way, ask your IBT sales rep or write to IBT Fluid Power.


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