Building a Better Better Mousetrap

Building a Better Better Mousetrap

The oft quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”

Because he lived in the Nineteenth Century, Emerson may well have been talking about real mice. However, sages and salesmen have adapted the claim to just about every device imaginable, whether the device has anything to do with catching mice or not.

When an IBT customer was looking for a “better mousetrap” to hold heavy gauge wire in place for multiple structural welds, he turned to the rodent snarers at IBT Fluid Power.

To meet the request, IBT Fluid Power enlisted the efforts of Fabco-Air. Fabco-Air offers an unusual combination of off-the-shelf pneumatic products, including air preparation, cylinders, slides, grippers, pistons, valves and sensors.

Fabco-Air also has great capabilities in custom engineering, which is why IBT recruited their assistance for this project.

Fabco-Air created a device that is just the ticket. Designed to replace an OEM component that has a relatively short useful life and a high replacement cost, the two teams developed a re-engineering answer that will cost less, perform at an equal or superior level, offer at least the same effective life and be available on a shorter routine lead time.

The new device uses multiple pistons to hold the wire in place and operates using pneumatic pressure at about 50 pounds. With certain Teflon® and Duralon® components, the device is durable, quick, precise, performs with a highly accurate repeat cycle and truly gets the job in question done.

When asked whether there was an off-the-shelf solution for the application, IBT’s Terry Peacy allowed: “There’s lots of ways of getting most jobs done. But this particular application needed and benefits from a little more thinking, engineering and innovation.

“This is what we do. Our answer represents the thinking of IBT, Fabco-Air and those of us in Fluid Power Products. We think we have a winner.”

For more information about how to use pneumatic systems to trap mice, let us answer your questions and help you find solutions.


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