Boost Your Gear Drive Productivity

Boost Your Gear Drive Productivity

In any economic climate, productivity is a concern. In times as uncertain as these, productivity is an all-hands-on-deck exercise. Gains in productivity don’t care where you find them.

One place to look is gear drive efficiency. And one place to turn is to Hub City and their high efficiency helical gear drives: inline gears, helical bevels and worm gears. These products are especially applicable to applications involving conveyors and conveying equipment, packaging machinery, food processing, bottling equipment and bulk material handling systems.

The increased efficiency starts with savings of energy. If older gear drives are yield 40 to 60 percent efficiency, imagine how much you can save with Hub City and their 90 to 95 percent efficiency.

With all of the emphasis on electric motors and the law mandating higher efficiency, it makes logical and economic sense to couple a premium efficiency motor to a drive that is highly efficient.

Image courtesy of Hub CityHub City Poweratio 4000 In-Line Drives

Poweratio 4000 High Efficiency Helical In-Line Drives offer double, triple and quad reduction through precision crowned gears. They are available as either foot mount or flange mount in ratios of 2.15:1 through 3716:1, with power ranges of .014 through 160 hp.

Image courtesy of Hub CityHub City Poweratio 2000 Bevel Drives

Poweratio 2000 High Efficiency Helical-Bevel Gear Drives have high efficiency helical and spiral bevel gearing with competitive interchangeability. They are offered in ratios 6.5:1 through 3000:1, with power ranges of 1/4 through 55 hp.

Image courtesy of Hub CityHub City Poweratio 2000 Worm Drives

Poweratio 2000 High Efficiency Helical-Worm Gear Drives have precision crowned helical gearing, hardened and ground steel worm shaft, high capacity bronze alloy worm gear in ratios 6:1 through 3460:1, with power ratings of 1/4 through 23 hp.

Hub City’s Poweratio® helical drives are highly efficient. They are just part of Hub City’s extensive offering of power transmission products for use in recreation, transportation, military, packaging, construction, communication, material handling, medical and food processing equipment.

Hub City has the ability to provide standard, modified standard and custom products, no matter how large or small. Hub City is committed to providing excellent customer service, outstanding quality, fine workmanship and timely delivery of all Hub City components.

IBT operates the first Hub City High Efficiency gearbox assembly facility that is not company owned and operated, assembling Hub City’s Poweratio 2000 and 4000 High Efficiency Helical Drives on a custom, quick turnaround basis.

For more information, ask your IBT sales rep or write to us.


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