The Benefits of the Bradley Halo Eye/Facewash

The Benefits of the Bradley Halo Eye/Facewash


In an emergency, you want an eye/facewash unit that provides the most coverage. With Halo’, you get the best on the market-covering 85% of the average user’s face. That’s more than 20% better than any other unit.

With more coverage and a superior wash pattern, Halo users experience the most effective contaminant relief available. Halo sets a whole new industry standard-creating a whole new dimension in safety.

  1. Enhanced dust cover design in clear translucent yellow allowing for easy inspection. When the cover is opened, water flow starts automatically-giving the user instant relief.
  2. New ergonomic hand activation paddle is easy to reach from any direction.
  3. Separate supply and waste pipes to eye/facewash are an industry first and Bradley exclusive! Meets US and European plumbing requirements.
  4. The AquaductTM design is the only self-draining design for standard eyewash models – another industry first and Bradley exclusive. The self-draining Aquaduct helps reduce the risk of bacteria growth when unit is not in use.
  5. New dust cover caps on the eyewash are hinged for a more secure hold – keeping dust and debris off the water spouts.

Plus, anti-microbial protection protects the eyewash and eye/facewash heads.


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