Case Study: National Starch and Chemical

Case Study: National Starch and Chemical


IBT helps National Starch and Chemical improve inventory and storeroom management. Background
National Starch and Chemical Company is a global leader in production specialty chemicals and starches for use across a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications. More than a century of R&D and innovation has made National not only one of the largest producers of adhesives, specialty chemicals, resins, electronic materials and specialty food and industrial starches, but also an outstanding commercial success. National produces thousands of technically advanced products and operates an international network of more than 125 manufacturing and customer service centers, located in 36 countries on six continents.


Having outgrown their inventory tracking system and their storeroom workflow processes, the Kansas City plant of National Starch and Chemical was ready for change. Their specific goals included:

  • Improve efficiency in management of inventory to reduce the time it takes to find the right parts.
  • Reduce the number of stock-outs which lead to emergency orders, high costs, and downtime and delays in production.
  • Improve quality of inventory data, to help with management of minimums, maximums, and inventory cycles.


IBT’s Integrated Services Group won the bid to help National Starch and Chemical improve efficiency and reduce costs in their storeroom. The solution included:

  • Electronically capturing National Starch’s current inventory
  • Improving storeroom layout and organization
  • Implementing an advanced inventory tracking system with barcode scanning and advanced reporting capabilitiesTo manage the project quickly and efficiently, IBT dispatched a dedicated on-site team of supply chain management specialists to work side-by-side with National Starch storeroom managers and employees.


Within six months from the project’s start, National Starch was seeing impressive results: every part now had a dedicated place on the shelf, everything was being tracked, ordering processes were improved, and clean inventory data helped significantly reduce stock-outs.

Additionally, as an industrial supplies distributor, IBT helped National Starch source many of the parts they require at lower prices, leading to even greater cost savings.

“Everything they had said from the get-go, IBT complied with, and IBT delivered,” says Steven Schuld, National Starch Procurement Manager.

National Starch was so impressed with IBT’s performance in Kansas City, that they scheduled a similar project for the Indianapolis plant.


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