Clean Room Lifting with Ingersoll-Rand

Clean Room Lifting with Ingersoll-Rand

Ingersoll Rand & IBT

Lifting heavy loads in a pharmaceutical plant may require unusual equipment. IBT supplier Ingersoll-Rand recently developed an innovative solution for a project in a drug company clean room. The customer required a two ton lifting capacity for a “food grade” type hoist. But this was twice the capacity that IR was currently offering for the application.

Their answer was to create a unique model which, rather than upgrading smaller hoist, actually de-rated a three ton hoist to a two ton capacity.

Image courtesy of Ingersoll Rand

In order to meet the cleanliness standards, they also replaced zinc plated load chain with stainless steel and replaced standard hooks with ones also made out of stainless steel. Then, they plated the pushbutton and added FDA approved pendant hose. They also found a USDA approved oil for use in the gearbox.

The other special steps needed to complete the assignment included adding a provision that allowed the exhaust to be piped away and providing a custom operation and maintenance manual.

The basic hoist used is one of Ingersoll Rand’s new LC2A hoists. The specific model was LC2A030DIP/D07089. The power source was air, 90 psi @ 150 scfm. The hoist’s speed for lifting and lowering was approximately 10 fpm. The total lift was 3 meters, slightly less than 10 feet. The lift uses a chain size DIN 8 x 24, and has two chain falls.

Ingersoll Rand – and IBT – are in the business of “moving stuff” with winches, hoists and trolleys. Anything that can be pulled, raised, lowered, tensioned, positioned, yarded, dragged, rolled, shifted or “moved” in any way is a potential application!

If you have a special situation – or even one that is just ordinary, we’d like to help. Tell us what needs to be shifted and we’ll help find the ideal way to get it accomplished.

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