Ingersoll Rand CLK Series Air Chain Hoists from Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand CLK Series Air Chain Hoists from Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand, the most trusted name for quality, high-value hoists, introduces the CLK Series, including 125-, 250- and 500-kilogram models.

The CLK Series Air Chain Hoist has been designed and engineered for production applications for loads up to 1,100 lbs.

The CLK Series is the smart choice for:

  • Durability that delivers more uptime – With a FEM/ISO mechanism classification of 1Am/M4 (ASME HST-5 rating of A5), CLK Series hoists are duty-rated to go an incredible 800 full-load hours between overhauls.
  • Flexibility that lets you get more jobs done – Patent-pending top hook operates with full 360-degree swivel motion or converts quickly to lock in 90-degree increments with additional parts to buy.
  • Lifting speed and precision control for enhanced ease of use – Lifting speed of 43 fp (13.1m/min) for the 125 kg models and 32 fpm (9.8m/min) for the 250 kg models is the best in its class. Enhanced load “positioning” capabilities and an outstanding combination of motor control and brake release make this hoist ideal for precision applications.
  • “Best-in-the-industry” quiet operation enhances safety and decreases operator fatigue – Sound levels of just 75 dBA make CLK Series hoists easy on operators, while also minimizing the overall ambient noise of the work site.
  • Highly efficient air motor saves money – For hoists in its class, CLK Series gets the most performance from your compressed air output. The CLK Series consumes only 32 cfm (0.9 m3/min) of air lifting rated load and less then 16 cfm (0.5 m3/min) while lowering load.

Product Features

Disc brake is non-asbestos and spring-engaged with an air release that offers significant control while minimizing air consumption.

Image courtesy of Ingersoll Rand

A two-stage differential transmission multiplies motor torque and reduces speed. Oil lubrication helps create maximum durability. Gearing components are made from high-strength, heat-treated steel alloy.

Forged five-pocket pocket wheel provides for smooth lifts and enhanced chain life.

Specially designed slack chain opening prevents dangerous cross-linking by guiding chain to the drive wheels.

Upper and lower limit stops prevent dangerous over-travel of the hook in either direction, reducing possible damage to hoist and load.

100% duty cycle multi-vane (6) air motor offers a high-torque and low-maintenance design. Air porting under the vanes creates smooth operation, positive starting, and long life.

Double reeving is used on 500-kilogram units only.

Bottom latch-type swivel hooks meet OSHA requirements and are supported by anti-friction needle type thrust bearings.

Patent-pending fixed OR swivel-top hook creates unrivaled versatility. Unit is shipped with hook in swivel mode but can be easily converted to fixed position with 90-degree increments. Meets OSHA requirements.

High-strength aluminum housing for maximum portability and weather resistance. Strong yet lightweight with a durable powdercoated finish.

Internal muffler reduces sound levels to a best-in-the-industry 75 dBA.

Optional fabric chain container (available at extra cost) helps keep slack chain out of the way.

Full flow pendent for maximum control and enhanced load positioning capabilities.

Standard link load chain is zinc-plated steel DAT grade 80.

Ergonomic pendent handle (shown with optional E-stop) is rugged and durable. Guard covers both levers and can be used with or without gloves. Optional E-stop (available at extra cost) makes this hoist CE-compliant.


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