ContiTech Extended Life Hose—The Benefits + Cautions of This Hydraulic Hose Upgrade

ContiTech Extended Life Hose—The Benefits + Cautions of This Hydraulic Hose Upgrade

You’ve heard the phrase “why fix it if it’s not broken?,” but when it comes to maintaining a competitive edge and getting the highest efficiency for your dollar, staying modern with industry standards and equipment is a worthwhile “fix” that will ultimately add value to your business.

In the fluid power industry, the 2-wire braid 100R2 hose, part of the SR Series, has been the standard in hydraulic hose over the years. While it gets the job done, we want to provide our customers with products that do more than that. As a result, IBT is discontinuing select SR Series hose and making the switch to Continental’s Extended Life XR16SC Hose―and we thought you should know why. Here’s what the XR16SC hose can bring to the table for you:


Lighter Weight + More Durable

The nitrile inner tube, paired with a dual-braided, high-tensile steel wire reinforcement makes for a tougher, more agile hose.

Higher Working and Burst Pressure

In comparing the two, the ContiTech Extended Life Hose has a higher working pressure than the 100R2 hose on most sizes.

Half the Minimum Bend Radius on All Size Hoses

Greater flexibility means navigating tight spaces with ease, using less hose for your application.

XR ‒ Extra Abrasion-Resistant Cover

Prevent the wear and tear that minimizes hose life; The ContiTech Extended Life Hose cover has 14x greater cover life than the SR2 Series, saving you money in replacement costs down the road.

Same Fittings

You don’t have to worry about buying all new hose fittings when you upgrade to the XR16SC, but you will have to consider the new crimp specs that come with it. (Read more below.)

Size Variances

Find the right hose for your specific job; You won’t be limited by sizing with ¼” ‒ 1 ¼” hoses currently available, and the -24 and -32 sizes soon to be released.

Similar Pricing

This speaks for itself ‒ Take advantage of all the added benefits, without all the added costs.

Take Note of This Important Change When Switching to the ContiTech Extended Life Hose!

As mentioned, the XR16SC Hose doesn’t require different fittings, but there are some differences that, according to Tim West, IBT Business Group Director for Industrial Rubber Products, must not be overlooked: With the XR16SC, “Our customers are getting a better hose, but they need to be aware that the hoses are not identical and need to be crimped using a different set of specifications.”

For Example:

  •     The 100R2-16 crimp diameter is 44.10 mm
  •     The XR16SC-16 crimp diameter is 43.30 mm

This slight, but significant, change is because the XR16SC has a more compact design. West advises people to pay attention: “If you’re using the wrong crimp spec, the fitting will not be attached properly and the pressure could cause it to come loose, possibly injuring someone or damaging property.”

IBT wants to completely remove this worry from customers who want to upgrade their hose. West’s solution is: “We’re going out to our customers who have SR2 in stock and we’re going to stock lift their old inventory and replace it with new inventory at no cost to them.” At the end of the day, we are willing to do what it takes to make their lives easier and safer.

Visit for all updated crimp specifications.

Ready to Make the Switch?

We know it’s not a matter of IF upgrading your old 100R2 hose to the ContiTech Extended Life Hose is the right choice―it’s WHEN.  
Call or stop by our KC Hose Service Counter today or, for more information, contact our customer service team.


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