Could a New Graco Automatic Lubrication System Help You?

Could a New Graco Automatic Lubrication System Help You?

Replaces the Manual Grease Gun

What if you could deliver the precise amount of grease or oil to your machinery at exactly the right time?


A Graco automatic lubrication system can be programmed to deliver the right amount of lubricant at the right time—saving your maintenance technicians the time and hassle of manual greasing.

“Lubrication applications are virtually everywhere, and this is traditionally done by a person with a grease gun,” said Chad Hellwig, Director of Sales and Marketing for Industrial Lubrication Equipment at Graco. “An automatic lubrication system ensures that your equipment is getting the right amount of lubricant at the right time, especially while the machine is in operation.”

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Is It Time to Switch?

Hellwig added that the key benefit to the Graco automatic lubrication system is that it prevents over lubrication or under lubrication.

“Smaller amounts of lubricant at more frequent intervals is better,” he said. “Under lubrication leads to premature failure. Over lubrication wastes material and puts stress on the lube points.”

Because of that, Graco automatic lubrication systems can extend the life of your equipment, with less wear and reduced maintenance costs. They can also be set up to notify you of possible failures in advance.

“Think of the man-hours you eliminate with the automatic lubrication of all those lube points,” said David Leffert, a Fluid Power Product Specialist at IBT Industrial Solutions. “If you miss just one, there can be a catastrophic failure as a result.”

Success Stories

IBT has been partnering with Graco successfully since 2006. Brent Hanson, the Business Group Director of Fluid Power at IBT, said that customers like the automatic systems.

“We see the value in what Graco automatic lubrication systems bring to our customers,” he said. “Because of that, we have invested significantly in training, inventory, and the technical expertise to support this effort.”

The two companies have worked together to design and install automatic lubrication systems in even the most complex production environments, including most recently:


  • Wheel manufacturing press—created a 2-pump system for a wheel manufacturer in Missouri; included complete process control on a press running 24 h/5 d per week; 75+ lube points and 30+ oil points
  • Municipality flood control—system automatically lubricating 5 key bushings in a mission-critical 500 hp flood control pump in Minnesota that sends thousands of gallons of water per minute through a 60 in. pipe
  • Bullet manufacturer’s assembly press—75+ lube points—plus several oil points for bevel gears; combined system that ties into PLC’s for complete process control
  • State turnpike authority—added automatic lubrication systems to their entire fleet of “yellow iron,” including bulldozers, graders, etc.

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Components of a Graco Automatic Lubrication System

“Automatic lubrication systems are typically configured to meet specific application needs,” Hellwig said. “Graco offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to work in a wide variety of applications. Our customers can choose from numerous pump platforms that offer pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric drives.”


Depending on volume flexibility or monitoring feedback, there are also different options for metering valve technology—such as series progressive, or single line parallel, he added. “A system can also be fitted with additional accessories to further enhance performance,” Hellwig said.

Common system components include:

  • Pump—with reservoir for lubricant
  • Metering valves
  • Controller
  • Hose and fittings
  • Accessories

In addition, optional system features can detect a blocked or broken line, and alert the operator to a fault condition.

“Graco offers a solution for virtually any type of mobile or industrial application,” Leffert said. “It’s a great way to do automated control over an entire process.”

About Graco

Since 1926, Graco has been a leading provider of premium pumps and spray equipment for fluid handling in the construction, manufacturing, processing, and maintenance industries. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company employs 2,700 people worldwide, and recently passed the $1 billion mark in annual net sales.

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Could an automatic lubrication system help you?

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