Could You Have an Air Leak?

Could You Have an Air Leak?

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Have you ever wondered if your pneumatic systems are leaking air?  If they are, then you could be losing thousands of dollars every year—in wasted energy on air compression.

3 Signs of an Air Leak

Here are 3 clues that you might have an air leak:

  • Constant hissing noise
  • Fluctuations in air pressure
  • Compressors are constantly running

Common Causes of Air Leak

What causes an air leak?  Most pneumatic leaks are caused by one of 3 things:

  • Vibration
  • Thermal expansion/contraction
  • Inadequate materials sealing joints or connections (such as thread sealing tape or “pipe dope”)

“Many people do not realize that thread sealing tape and pipe dope do not actually seal a connection well,” said Mike Jones, an Adhesive Specialist with Henkel Corporation.  “They only tighten the connection temporarily.

Assessment Shows You the Leaks

Not sure if you have air leaks—but suspect that you do?  An air leak assessment can tell you in 1 day where the leaks are in your facility—then shows you how to fix them.

“It’s very expensive to push compressed air through a leak, day in and day out,” Jones said.  “We have saved some companies more than $100,000 per year in lost energy costs.”  Air leaks also cost you in wear and tear on the compressors, he added.

How Air Leak Assessments Work

In the 1-day assessment, air leak experts from IBT Industrial Solutions and Loctite perform a complete walk-through of your facility with a highly specialized sensing device that not only detectsthe leaks, but also measures their output.  Every leak is flagged—so you can see exactly where they are.

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Next, the team produces a detailed report describing the cost in wasted energy created by each individual leak, so you can prioritize which leaks to fix.

Finally, the experts train your own maintenance staff on how to fix the leaks—so you can handle it internally going forward, without hiring an expensive repair service.

“I love doing the air leak assessments because it’s really amazing how much money you can lose every year to a few simple air leaks,” Jones said.  “It’s great being able to help people out and see how happy they are with the money they save.”

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