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We’re here to help protect you, your facility, and workers from COVID-19. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanitizers, barricades & Plexi shields to help encourage social distancing, IBT is ready to find the solution for your needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

IBT has a just what you need! Check out our How-To article here on how to clean this important piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The EPA has provided a list of disinfectants and sanitizers that target the COVID-19 pathogen. You can see the full EPA list here. Some of our customers has expressed that this list is a bit confusing at times., if you’re feeling the same, check out our guide on the EPA List N Disinfectants to learn how to use this tool more. IBT also has exclusive access to not one, but three 3M Disinfectants that are EPA registered. Call us today, or request a quote and grab your disinfectant while it lasts! *disclaimer* – please always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on any disinfectant or chemical you use.

While washing hands and pre-cleaning with soap & water, it is important to use an EPA registered disinfectant to ensure the spread of COVID-19.

Yes, as long as the bleach contains sodium hypochlorite. When in doubt refer to the EPA’s List N.

You should, as a rule of thumb, be cleaning an item or area as often as it is used. This may be different for each business. Survey important high-touch areas, and clean them routinely after use.

First, please follow the guidelines that have been set by your state and city/county. You will want to follow some basice steps. 1. Communicate to other staff that may have come in contact with this person. 2. Have the employee self-quarantine. 3. Disinfect and clean all areas this person may have come in contact with including high touch areas like entrances/exits, lunch and conference rooms. 4. Create a plan to allow team members to work remotely when possible. Include in this plan how you will communicate and what tools you will use to accomplish that.

You’re a business and need to know how to protect not just your staff from COVID-19, but you also need to think about your customers. Customers are facing a harder time finding the products they want and need. Closures or only partial openings could be affecting you more than you know. With IBT’s Safeguard Your Facility How-To, we guide you through important considerations to make, and resources you may need.

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