Custom Upgrade by IBT Industrial Solutions

Custom Upgrade by IBT Industrial Solutions

Image courtesy of YaskawaWinding coils lie at the heart of manufacturing electrical transformers. When a large transformer manufacturer needed to significantly redo their coil winding process, they needed an overall master plan for a custom upgrade and a source for outside help. So they turned to a company with extensive experience in industrial processes: they turned to IBT.

The process they were upgrading was a bit outdated and its major shortcoming was an over-reliance on the human element. As a result, products coming out of the process had more variation in specifications than management desired.

This is where IBT entered the equation. They looked at the process, assessed the areas for improvement and then set about creating a more automated and more efficient process.
Image courtesy of Marathon ElectricThis involved people from different parts of the organization. An IBT team, working with the client’s engineers, developed the bill of materials. IBT specified and provided the necessary equipment.

Then the challenge to make it happened shifted to IBT. Filling the job required many different categories of IBT’s product offering.

Upgrading the coil winders involved a total of 34 machines. The bill of materials for each unit had over 100 line items of product. Products ranged from electric motors, reducers, servo motors and gear heads, electrical enclosures, VFD’s, controls, cables and fluid power items such as valves and regulators.

The job not only involved a large number of products and a wide variety of components, it also involved many different IBT vendors including: Marathon, Yaskawa, Siemens, Nord Gear, Martin, GAM, Parker, Norgren, Dynapar, Nexen, Turck, Linemaster, Goodyear, Hammond, Ferraz and Noshok.
Image courtesy of Siemens

The client’s team worked with supply chain management to determine the total quantities of each item that IBT needed to order. Suppliers were eager to help due to the large volume of orders involved.

Vendors were advised approximately how much of each item they would have to supply, so that they could schedule production. As a result of solid planning and communication, few delivery issues arose.

The next hurdle was to find a place to store all the parts. To overcome that issue, Operations committed to storing all the parts and shipping them as needed. The schedule played out perfectly and IBT provided one or two kits per week.

This worked flawlessly. As a kit was shipped, operations would double check it for completeness and accuracy. Then the field team would check it again before it was delivered to the customer. As a result, potential errors were caught and prevented at every step of the way.

In the end, the project was completed successfully. The IBT team from all areas has been justifiably proud of the outcome. IBT suppliers are also pleased to have been part of a major transformation of a manufacturing operation. And of course, the customer – the whole reason for the entire mobilization – is entirely satisfied with the end result.



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