Defy Gravity: Fall Arrest Harness

Defy Gravity: Fall Arrest Harness

Full-body harnesses distribute fall forces throughout the body, substantially reducing the chance of injury. In addition, the full-body harness keeps the worker suspended upright in the event of a fall and supported while awaiting rescue.

Harnesses should be selected based on the work to be performed and the work environment. IBT Safety represents Miller Fall Protection, a member of Sperian Protection, (formerly Bacou-Dalloz Group): a world leader in safety.

Miller offers several innovative webbing options and literally hundreds of various configurations. All Miller harnesses meet applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards and are rated at 310 lbs. Miller will also manufacture customized harnesses to meet special individual or jobsite requirements.

Miller product offerings include:

  • DuraFlex ULTRA Harnesses: with quick-connect buckles, comfort-touch back D-ring pad, stretchable/cushioned tubular webbing and Teflon HT protection.
  • DuraFlex Stretchable Harnesses with specially-formulated elastomer webbing that stretches to maximize comfort, improve safety and increase productivity.
  • DuraFlex Python ULTRA Harnesses with quick-connect buckles, comfort-touch back D-ring pad, stretchable/cushioned tubular webbing and Teflon HT protection.
  • DuraFlex Python Harnesses with a unique combination of cushioned tubular webbing, stretchable webbing and lightweight, non-stretch webbing for wrap-around comfort and ease of donning.
  • The Miller Revolution Harness: a totally-new full-body harness. It reinvents harness safety and functionality with features developed to meet worker needs, exceeding expectations in comfort, fit, ease-of-use, style, durability, compliance, flexibility and convenience.

For more information about Miller Fall Protection, or any of IBT Safety’s full line of fall protection systems, contact your IBT Safety sales rep or write to us.

Avoid Gravity: Prevent Falls

A fall prevented is an injury averted. Bluewater Products, from IBT Safety, are versatile and non-penetrating guardrail systems. Bluewater believes in solving fall protection issues using a passive fall protection guardrail system as opposed to active systems (i.e. lifelines, etc.)

BluewaterSafety Rail 2000 components provide barriers that lead to fall protection and temporary fall protection at roof edges, roof hatches or skylights. They include hazard barriers for warehouse dock doors, warehouse traffic lanes, cell workstations, construction dig sites, dock platforms, new building construction, drive-in truck pits, rail car platforms, mezzanines, break areas, assembly areas, conveyors and many more.

Because Bluewater is a non-penetrating guardrail system, protection installation does not violate the roof’s integrity. There are no potential leak problems down the road when you use Bluewater SafetyRail 2000. Yet, worker protection is not sacrificed.

The advantages to using Bluewater SafetyRail 2000:

  • No holes need to be drilled
  • It’s 100% portable
  • Meets and Exceeds OSHA Regulations for Fall Protection
  • Install over 600 feet in an hour with three men
  • Rails can be positioned in infinite directions
  • Each base can support up to 4 rails
  • Gate assemblies available
  • Optional toe board brackets
  • All rail sections have a powder coat finish

For more information about Bluewater SafetyRail 2000, or any of IBT Safety’s full line of fall protection systems, contact your IBT Safety sales rep or write to us.

Defy Gravity: Fall Arrest Track

Falls at work are dangerous and deadly. In the past several years, there were over 1,500 fatalities from falls, nearly 14% of the total number of workplace fatalities recorded. In 2001, workplace falls accounted for almost 22% of the $45.8 billion costs from serious work related injuries. Fall protection shows up repeatedly on OSHA’s top ten list of most frequently cited standards in 2003.

OSHA regulations deal in detail with specific requirements for fall protection. IBT Safety offers a full range of products and complete training programs to help companies avoid problems with falls and compliance issues.

One highly innovative offering for fixed locations that IBT Safety has available is from SPANCO: a fall arrest track system.

These systems feature a lightweight ergonomic design, with a track that produces a low co-efficient of friction. This allows easy movement of trolleys and cranes, which reduces stress and fatigue on operators. SPANCO fall protection track systems are available with either plain or trussed track and with single or dual track (two track/two man) design.

SPANCO fall arrest track equipment is designed for indoor or outdoor use. With a low profile design versus wire systems, you can save up to 3 feet of headroom. The unique truss track fall arrest design enables greater distance between supported points with minimum loss of headroom.

SPANCO rigid fall arrest track systems have many distinctive advantages over traditional wire rope systems. The rigid track design has less free fall distance since the stretch of the wire rope does not have to be factored into the equation. The worker can also decelerate to a complete stop in a shorter distance, which lowers the impact energy on his/her body.

Minimizing total allowable fall is the most effective method of preventing and reducing the severity of fall related injuries. Eliminating the bouncing effect of typical wire rope systems also reduces the amount and severity of secondary fall injuries. A rigid horizontal track system reduces hazard on multiple personnel systems. On a wire rope system, movement of the wire rope from one person falling may cause other workers to fall. This hazard is eliminated by the use of SPANCO track which maintains its rigidity, thereby not affecting other workers on the same system.

All fall protection trolley wheels are equipped with sealed bearings. The swivel eye trolley on the fall arrest system allows more freedom of movement for the operator and prevents lanyard twisting.

Fall arrest track systems are available in one or two man systems. Single track systems or bridge crane configurations allow for greater range of movement on the SPANCO fall arrest track. Two man/two track fall protection systems allow workers to pass by each other for greater versatility.

For more information about SPANCO fall arrest track, talk to your IBT Safety sales rep, or write to IBT Safety or IBT Warehouse Equipment Group.




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