Diamond Chain Overcomes Obstacles and Adversity

Diamond Chain Overcomes Obstacles and Adversity

Everyday you use it, you find out how good your engineered chain is. It is subjected to shock loads, tension, friction, weight and speed variations. And, it must have consistent dimensions and meet tight tolerances throughout its entire length. So, it has to be strong, durable, rugged, precise and well made.

You have to believe the chain maker has confidence in his product – so you can rely on it with absolute trust. Diamond Chain must have an extraordinary amount of self-assurance about their products: they named them after the hardest, most long-lasting material on earth.

Performance in the field makes it look like they know what they were doing when they chose the name. Chain that must perform in harsh environments is doubly challenged. For these situations, Diamond has an ACE. It is an Anti-Corrosion Exterior Plated Chain, just waiting for the worst conditions you can throw at it.

Diamond ACE is rust resistant and has high strength and superior wear life. It is made with a carbon-steel alloy and coated with a specially formulated Zinc-Nickel Alloy with a Chromate Conversion Coating. Tests of rust resistance, using ASTM B117 salt spray testing showed that Diamond ACE was superior to competitive products after 240 and 500 hours exposure.

Diamond also offers oil field chain, certified by API. In the field, these chains really stand up to great loads and harsh environments. Diamond oil field chains, either single strand or multiple strand, are built with Heavy Series components. Diamond oil field chain undergoes successful performance testing under API (American Petroleum Institute) Specification 7F. As a result, Diamond Chains is entitled to proudly bear the API logo.

Choosing engineered chain can be a complicated process. Application variables can make the whole thing time-consuming. The cost of a bad choice can be considerable – in downtime, damaged equipment, unhappy managers.

The best tool for proper chain selection is an IBT Product Specialist. They are well-equipped to assist you any time you need chain advice – or any other information about PT/MC products and systems.


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