Diamond Chain Sparkles In the Field

Diamond Chain Sparkles In the Field

Image courtesy of Diamond Chain

The grain harvest is no place for chump chain. To do the job in a grain combine, roller chain has got to be tough stuff. The hours are long; the work is hard. And the work environment is super challenging!

In fact, the working conditions for chain are about as stressful as one can imagine. The air is laden with dust and other small particles – and just about all of the dust is the kind of small, gritty fines which can get inside of a chain and start wearing away the steel. Talk about impact loading, this is about as tough as it gets!

When this nasty stuff does its worst, chains start to shoot craps. They elongate, or, just plain wear out and usually when time is most critical, which is just about the entire harvest season.

To make matters worse, when you need a new chain on a farm in the middle of harvest, it is not as if you have a lot of spare parts hanging around ready for their big moment.

IBT manufacturer partner Diamond Chain has been field tested and proven. They are now the preferred chain on several original equipment global harvester manufacturers. Approval was achieved because Diamond’s O-Ring Chain lasted more than three times longer than the original European chain and also out-lasted other domestic chain suppliers. Diamond Classic Roller Chain is also the approved source on other tough harvester applications, as well as on equipment such as balers, planters and spreaders!

It wasn’t just any chain which met the challenge head-on and won. It was Diamond Ring Leader O-Ring Chain. This is chain which is specifically designed for applications which do not permit regular lubrication. So, the chain must depend entirely upon initial factory lubrication throughout its service life.

During the harvest, buildup on the chain can clog the openings on standard roller chain where lubricant enters the pin/bushing area. These contaminants can even get inside the chain, actually damaging the surface of pins and bushings.

RING LEADER O-Ring chain is constructed with O-rings which seal a specifically formulated lubricant into every joint. This sealed-in lubricant is essential for the chain’s optimum wear life and the O-rings also help to seal the chain and protect the internal surfaces from dirt, contaminants and moisture.

Diamond RING LEADER O-Ring Chain is offered in sizes 50XLO, 60XLO, 80XLO, 100XLO, 120XLO, 140XLO AND 160XLO. Average tensile strength ranges from 6,500 pounds to 52,000 pounds, depending on size. Please see catalog for exact information.

If you are harvesting grain or doing any other kind of job which calls for chain as strong and hardworking as the Diamond Chain being used in the combines, IBT and Diamond Chain can hook you up. Let us know what you need.


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