Do You Need Intrinsically Safe Lighting from Bayco?

Do You Need Intrinsically Safe Lighting from Bayco?

What Is Intrinsically Safe Lighting?

XPP-5422GWhen a light source is intrinsically safe, it means that it is safety rated for use in a hazardous work environment, and will not cause a fire or explosion—as long as the light is used properly, and is not tampered with.

Industrial and production operations are prime environments for the potential buildup of combustible gases, liquids, dust, and other ignitable sources. Fire and explosion hazards can occur in that environment.

Who Should Use It?

Hazardous environments are safer if you use intrinsically safe fixed and portable task lighting to protect personnel and property from explosion and fire.   Industries that commonly benefit from intrinsically safe lighting devices include:

  • Oil and gas (vapors)
  • Grain elevators, flour mills, sugar refining (combustible dusts)
  • Textile mills, industrial machine shops (airborne particulates)
  • HVAC repair and maintenance inspectors and technicians (vapors)

When Should You Use It?

Examples of when people should use intrinsically safe lighting include:

  • When you are working in confined space environments, or in environments where there is the potential for a confined space to be created.
  • When you are working in industrial or manufacturing environments where there are combustible dusts and airborne combustible fiber filings.
  • When you are working in the oil and gas industry, because of the vapors and gases.
  • When you are working with the manufacturing, storage, transportation, or dispensing of propane.

“With today’s mobile worker, you have to ask yourself if the cost of not having an intrinsically safe flashlight is worth the cost of the risk,” said Russell Hoppe, Marketing Manager at Nightstick by Bayco Products, Inc. “In numerous cases, employees—both direct and contract—who work in hazardous environments have received fines, penalties, and have even been terminated for not using the approved Class 1, Division 1 lighting equipment specifically rated for their particular work environment.”

Which Products Do You Need?

IBT Industrial Solutions offers a variety of intrinsically safe lighting products, including:

Other products—such as the Intrinsically Safe Penlights from Nightstick—are available by special order from IBT.

About Nightstick by Bayco Products, Inc.

Nightstick, designed and manufactured by Bayco Products, Inc., is a global brand of professional lighting products, including flashlights, headlamps, and intrinsically safe lighting solutions that exceed industry standards in performance, quality, user safety, and value. For over 30 years, Bayco Products’ vast array of portable and corded lighting products have been the preferred choice of professionals and discriminating consumers.

Located in north Texas, Bayco Products’ 110,000 sq. ft. facility is the international headquarters for research and development, engineering, marketing, sales, and distribution.

Need a Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Flashlight or Headlamp?

Contact Mike Davis, Product Specialist in the Safety/Warehouse Equipment Group at IBT Industrial Solutions, at (913) 261-2149, or



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