Dodge E-Z Kleen and Ultra Kleen Bearings

Dodge E-Z Kleen and Ultra Kleen Bearings

For over 125 years, the DODGE brand has been synonymous with the best the industry has to offer. Bearing users in the food and beverage industry recognize that with DODGE, they have access to the best selection of the highest quality mounted ball bearings available in the market.

The DODGE ULTRA KLEEN and E-Z KLEEN bearings for the food and beverage industry offer an array of features that provide extended life in these challenging conditions. DODGE has the only bearings in the industry to offer a patented triple-lip seal with a rubberized flinger called the QuadGuardTM sealing system. These units also include an exclusive ball retainer called the MaxlifeTM cage that helps retain lubrication and prevents washout in wet environments.

Combine these features with the a complete line of polymer and stainless housing offerings, concentric and adapter mounting options, and a world class manufacturing facility in Rogersville, Tennessee, and you have a family of mounted ball bearing products that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Patented QuadGuard Seal

The QuadGuard seal consists of two patented features that are unique to DODGE bearings and are standard on the E-Z KLEEN and ULTRA KLEEN product.

Triple-lip Seal

  • Patented design
  • Mechanically retained seal with two contact points on the inner ring and one that rides against flinger surface
  • Three points of contact guard against contamination and keep in lubricants
  • Maximizes sealing with minimal increase in drag compared to a single lip design

Rubberized Flinger

  • Industry’s first and only patented design
  • Molded rubber provides additional protection from contaminants entering the bearing
  • Baffle design of the rubber on the external surface of the flinger enhances the removal of liquid as it rotates
  • Extended rubber baffle outer diameter increases centrifugal acceleration to discard moisture and contamination away from bearing
  • Grease chambers on the internal surface prevent lubricants from exiting the bearing
  • Superior design increases service life in dirty environments thus leading to extended uptime

Maxlife Cage

The Maxlife cage is the product of extensive research and development in retainer technology and industry leading engineering.

  • Two-piece design that creates a grease compartment around each of the rolling elements
  • Compartments provide constant contact between balls and grease so an oil film will always exist to prevent wear and minimize friction and heat
  • Relative motion between the components and the grease is reduced which results in lower operating temperatures and extended life
  • Compartmental construction of the cage holds in the grease and prevents it from being washed out in extremely wet conditions
  • Exclusive design extends life with less frequency of re-lubrication than standard designs
  • Included in both E-Z KLEEN and ULTRA KLEEN products


The DODGE ULTRA KLEEN ball bearing is the most innovative product in the market today for the food and beverage industry. The ULTRA KLEEN is built for extended life in wet and corrosive environments.

  • QuadGuard sealing system
  • Maxlife cage
  • 100% stainless steel inserts


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