Dodge® Smart Sensors — A Simple Step with Big Impact in Overcoming Mechanical Failure

Dodge® Smart Sensors — A Simple Step with Big Impact in Overcoming Mechanical Failure

Are you experiencing inconvenient and premature repairs to your mechanical equipment? Repairs can be frustrating. Like Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong, will, and at the worst time.” Thankfully, OPTIFY™ is paving the way for a new, simpler future.

Issues like increased temperatures or vibration can cause more significant problems that leave employees to deal with repairs on the fly.  Failure of your mounted bearings or gear reducers can create unplanned stops, put employees at risk, and significantly reduce overall productivity which leads to a loss of revenue.

Until now, users had little insight into when their mechanical equipment was having issues. While equipment like mounted bearings usually fails 80% of the time due to insufficient lubrication, there has not previously been a tool to see when failure was imminent…until now!

ABB's new Bearing Smart SensorOPTIFY – Install and activate as easy as 1, 2, 3

Dodge is revolutionizing the mechanical repair process with its sensors for mechanical products. Designed for Dodge® mounted bearings and gear reducers, OPTIFY for mechanical products makes checking the health status of your equipment as easy as 1, 2, 3. With easy-to-read data, technicians can plan maintenance on their own time and schedule.

Equipment failure can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as insufficient lubrication, contamination or even misalignment. No matter what the circumstance is, Dodge’s OPTIFY has you covered. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and easy to install — OPTIFY is making a sizable impact. 


OPTIFY for mounted bearings is easy to fit and is ready to use on all Dodge mounted bearings and gear reducers. New Dodge mounted bearings even have a pre-tapped thread for the installation of the sensor. Just remove the plug and thread the sensor in its place. For existing Dodge bearings, the sensor can be installed right into the grease nipple opening using an adapter, while still maintaining functionality. Other models can be easily retrofitted to use the Smart Sensor as well, and is still quick and easy! 


Once you have installed OPTIFY, and registered on the Ability portal, just hit the LED activation switch and OPTIFY will begin collecting temperature and vibration data. The sensor transmits your data into the digital portal through your smartphone or gateway. You can then access data through the web-based sensor portal using your mobile phone, tablet, or PC.   


Throughout its operation, the OPTIFY device will regularly track essential health data such as temperature and vibration. Equipment health is displayed using a traffic light icon system to show users the current state of their mechanical equipment quickly. This health data is transmitted securely, and with encryption, during transmission to the cloud-based server, which is compliant with Dodge’s cybersecurity guidelines. 

OPTIFY for mechanical products is free of wiring and requires no special tools. It also has onboard memory data for 30 days of storage that loads with ease into the complimentary portal for simple and straightforward use. With this tool, you have an instant health check of your mounted bearings, right in the palm of your hand. 

Is your equipment talking to you? It should!

OPTIFY for mounted bearings allows your bearings to talk directly to you. The sensor wirelessly communicates via Bluetooth with no special tools or software, allowing for constant communication. 

Once activated, the portal allows you to easily access the data streaming directly from your sensors. The data is laid out in a simple, graphical interface that is easy to understand. Bearing health is displayed using a traffic light system and when conditions change push notifications allow you to be the first to know. 

Users can customize their data preferences and notifications as well, for a personalized experience. From plotting and prioritizing data, analyzing trends, and accessing event logs for each piece of equipment, OPTIFY is changing the game of mechanical repairs and health checks. 

Dodge also understands the importance of protecting your data. All of your data is just that, yours. Your data will never be accessible by anyone outside of your company unless you explicitly authorize their access. Dodge follows strict cybersecurity standards and has your interests in mind. 

With OPTIFY, users no longer need to check bearings in a reactive and possibly dangerous way. With sensor warnings, technicians can strategically schedule repairs on their time before there is a significant issue. With reduced downtime and revenue loss, increased safety, and new levels of insight and data, OPTIFY will quickly earn its keep and pay for itself. 

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What was once a difficult process, Dodge has simplified and streamlined to a quick health check so you can get back to business sooner.  If you’re ready to see how the ABB Smart Sensors can save you time, money, and peace of mind…then call us today at 913-428-2858 to learn more, or request a quote!

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