Dodge Washdown Reducers Improve Operations In Harsh Duty Environments

Dodge Washdown Reducers Improve Operations In Harsh Duty Environments

Dodge QUANTIS E-Z KLEEN® washdown reducers and C-face gearmotors can improve operations in harsh duty environments, such as the food, beverage, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

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The QUANTIS E-Z KLEEN family of products offers three types of gear reducers: In-Line Helical (ILH); Right Angle Helical Bevel (RHB); and Motorized Shaft Mount (MSM).

These products feature a unique coating system, which provides more than three times the corrosion resistance of standard epoxy paint, and can be ordered with either a white or stainless steel color top coat.

Each reducer comes standard with a quadra-lip, nitrile XT harsh duty seal, thin dense nickel composite (TDNC) plated output shafts, and non-cavity stainless steel hardware and brass one-way spring loaded breather. Each reducer is factory filled with Food Grade USDA H-1 lubricant.

The QUANTIS E-Z KLEEN option is offered in five sizes: 38, 48, 68, 88, and 108. Two C-face input configurations are available for mounting a C-face motor, clamp collar, or three-piece coupling. ILH and RHB reducers are available in two housing designs: foot mounted and flanged mounted; as well as multiple shaft configurations.

The Dodge QUANTIS product line was designed to achieve greater output torque ratings, increased horsepower ratings and expanded ratio range for their comparative size. As a result, DODGE QUANTIS products may allow customers to downsize existing reducers which can result in reduced energy costs.

To learn more about Dodge QUANTIS E-Z KLEEN washdown reducers, contact IBT.


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