Don’t Be In The Dark About Lighting Efficiency

Don’t Be In The Dark About Lighting Efficiency

Saving money on energy is appealing. Many organizations have upgraded to higher efficiency electric motors and realized substantial savings in their total energy bill. But, there are additional places to find energy savings at your business. Just look up!

Traditional metal halide lamps are inefficient and provide minimum light at maximum expense. Westinghouse Lighting Solutions, available through IBT, has made traditional lighting obsolete. They have maximized foot candles (light on the work surface) while using only half the energy.

The secret weapon: Westinghouse High Bay T5HO fluorescent lighting systems. They use less energy and maintain up to 95 percent of their initial lumens over their rated life. In addition to being costly and inefficient, metal halide bulbs lose one-third of their initial lumens in just 40 percent of their rated life. By combining energy-saving Westinghouse T5 lamps with their unique reflector designs, you can relight and increase lighting efficiency, getting both superior light and significant savings.

To maximize energy savings and focus light where you need it most, use Westinghouse High Bay T5HO fluorescent lighting systems. This revolutionary technology will save your company up to 75 percent on its energy bills while producing superior light quality. When you combine occupancy sensors in low traffic areas with instant-on fluorescent fixtures, you can boost your savings up to 90 percent.

Westinghouse High Bay fluorescent fixtures combine highly efficient T5 lamps and proprietary reflectors in a variety of beam spreads. This variety of beam widths allows for focused light in applications where mounting heights range from 15 feet to over 100 feet. State-of-the-art technology increases overall efficiency by producing a superior fixture that not only reduces waste, but also provides light where it is needed most.


Lamp Configuration  Beam Width 
 Narrow Beam Narrow Beam lighting or aisle lighting provides a narrow-focused rectangular beam that provides uniform vertical illumination in tall, stacked pallet aisles. This type of lighting is a major improvement over metal halide lighting. Metal Halide only reaches the top shelf pallets and upper ceiling and produces shadows in the aisles below.  
  Medium Beam Medium Beam lighting provides a balance of diffused and focused lighting, ideal for medium or low-racked, open-aisle industrial and retail lighting. 
 Wide Beam Wide Beam lighting produces a broad diffused beam for even, open space illumination. Westinghouse wide beam diffusers provide the perfect lighting environment for manufacturing and mass market retail facilities. 
 Low Mounting Low Mounting Parking Pro lighting provides an enclosed and gasketed fixture. This extra protection is perfectly suited for lighting parking garages, food storage and docking areas. 


Having an efficient lighting system helps your budget in more ways than one. Energy savings positively impacts other business expenses, such as overtime labor, insurance, waste disposal and equipment maintenance. In the event of a momentary power outage, Westinghouse instant re-strike capability ensures restoration of lighting immediately, eliminating downtime. Increased productivity and energy savings go straight to your company’s bottom line.

For more information about Westinghouse Lighting Systems and how they can brighten up your workspace, contact IBT Warehouse Equipment Group.

Spend and Save

The power to run electrical equipment is generally far more costly than the actual fixtures. With the new Westinghouse T5HO lamps and fixtures available through IBT, you can save up to three ways: save on electrical power consumption, save on taxes and earn rebates from your electric utility.

The first way to save is on power consumption. Replace standard metal halide lighting, one for one with Westinghouse High Bay T5HO fluorescent lighting, and start saving up to 75% immediately on your lighting costs.

Metal Halide  T5HO  Wattage Saved  % of Savings  Annual Facility Savings 
465W  4 lamps = 234W  231W  50%  $80,942 
465W  3 lamps = 170W  295W  65%  $103,368 
465W  2 lamps = 118W  347W  75%  $121,588  
*Potential annual savings based on 500 fixtures, running 8760 hours at energy rate of $.08 per kwh. Actual savings will be dramatically higher when taking into account transmission and demand charges, taxes and other utility surcharges.


The second way is through tax savings. The Federal Government has regulations that include a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for building owners to encourage investment in energy-efficient building systems. EPAct 2005 made that tax deduction for energy efficiency a reality.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 contains a variety of tax credits and deductions for business and consumers. The NEMA-backed commercial building tax deduction is designed to encourage investment in energy-efficient commercial buildings. This provision is the first time a special deduction is available for expenses incurred for energy-efficient commercial building property. Lighting products and systems are ideally positioned for deployment using the deduction provision.

EPAct 2005 provides a tax deduction of up to $1.80/sq.ft. for investment in energy-efficient commercial building property as part of new construction or renovation (within the scope of the ASHRAE/IES 90.1 Standard). The amount of the deduction is the lesser of either 1.) $1.80/sq.ft. or 2.) the costs incurred or paid for the energy-efficient property.

“Energy-efficient property” is defined by EPAct 2005 to be commercial building property that is certified to reduce total annual energy and power costs to at least 50% less than a building satisfying the 90.1-2001 Standard.

In the case of privately owned buildings, the tax deduction is earned by the owner or person or entity that paid to have the building constructed or renovated.

This provision may or may not be applicable to your situation, and there is a sunset provision that may be fast approaching. Check with your accountant to see if you are eligible.

Utility rebates also help you pay for your energy efficient lighting.

Whether in new construction or major renovation, fluorescent linear lighting dominates the commercial lighting market, particularly in offices, schools and some retail applications. The four foot 32 watt T8 lamp combined with an electronic ballast has essentially become standard practice. Rebates are available for specifying lamps and ballasts that exceed the performance levels of the standard T8 lamp system. Additionally, rebates are offered for reducing lighting power density below the maximum thresholds specified by energy codes.

Existing lighting systems can be eligible for rebates by replacing with new fixtures that exceed current standard practice. The existing market for fluorescent lamps is a mixture of T8 lamps and older T12 lamps. The replacement of these older systems can provide energy savings but requires replacement of both lamps and ballasts.

For exact details, check with your utility.

Regardless of whether you can save all three ways, the utility efficiency alone should be an attractive incentive. Also consider that Westinghouse T5HO fluorescent lighting systems will save money on the power consumption, while helping improve productivity through better illumination in your work space.

For more information about Westinghouse Lighting Systems and how they can brighten up your workspace and your bottom line, contact IBT Warehouse Equipment Group.


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