Don’t Just Quench Thirst

Don’t Just Quench Thirst

Hot days of work – either inside or out – can build up a powerful thirst. Thirst is a natural mechanism for your body to say: “Hey, how about a little fluid in here!”

Actually, the body is particular about what kind of fluids you put into it. And when you are working in the heat, your body is looking for something very specific when you replenish its fluids: electrolytes, comprised of magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium.

See the Drink Comparison Chart for the details of how electrolyte replacement Sqwincher satisfies hard workers.

The heat doesn’t just make you thirsty; it can harm your effectiveness and alertness. There is a major safety implication in thirst: your capabilities decrease. Less strength, less energy, less focus, reduced alertness and slower reaction times.

In addition, the effects of heat can be dangerous or even deadly.

When you are working in the heat, take a tip from IBT Safety: Sqwinch your thirst – with Sqwincher.

Sqwincher is a drink for hard working people. It gives you the optimal balance of electrolytes and minerals you need to properly rehydrate your body. Absorbed by the body 98% faster than water, Sqwincher not only works faster, but is more satisfying to drink than water or other sports drinks because of its great taste. Fighting the harmful effects of body dehydration and heat stress is easier with peak-performing Sqwincher.

The demands on the body during a hot day’s work are tougher than during sports exertion. Instead of a period of exertion and heat in a game or an exercise session, workers face eight or more hours of hot work, five or six days a week. The body’s resources can be severely depleted. If no fluids and electrolytes are replaced, the dangers of injury – either from heat or from heat-caused accidents – can rise as fast as the temperature.

That is why IBT Safety & Health strongly advocates Sqwincher as an electrolyte replacement.

In industrial heat-stress environments, the body cools itself by perspiring. When this occurs, much more is lost than just water: magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium are also depleted. These minerals, or electrolytes, are crucial to workers if they are to maintain healthy muscles and a productive energy level. Without electrolytes, workers become dehydrated and heat stress – or more serious injury – can be imminent.

Normally, electrolytes flow through muscle cells to keep them functioning properly. Perspiration depletes cells of fluids and weakens the muscle tissue. Within seconds of drinking Sqwincher, the electrolytes are put back where they belong. And in the process, energy is back where it belongs.

Sqwincher comes just about Many Forms, Many Flavors: ready-to-drink, liquid and powder concentrates and in varied package sizes. It is even available as the Sqwincher Sqweeze: an electrolyte fortified freezer pop. It combines the same great Sqwincher taste with all of the necessary electrolytes and minerals needed to keep you cool. The treat can be enjoyed frozen or as a chilled drink. Sqweeze comes in favorite flavors: orange, grape, lemon lime, cherry and new mixed berry.

Contact IBT Safety for full details about how Sqwincher can keep your workers properly hydrated and healthy.

Drink Comparison Chart
Sqwincher 55 mg 45 mg .47 mg 16 g 60
Gatorade 110 mg 25 mg not shown 16 g 55
10K 55 mg 30 mg not shown 15 g 60
Quickick 116 mg 23 mg not shown 11 g 43
Powerade 55 mg 30 mg not shown 19 g 70
Avg. Soft Drink 16 mg 13 mg not shown 26.8 g 107


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