Circulation Fans From Schaefer — No More Stagnant Winter Air

Circulation Fans From Schaefer — No More Stagnant Winter Air

Right now, warehouses and production facilities are filled with stagnant winter air.  That’s when your walls sweat with condensation—and employees can actually suffer from heat stress.

Winter Air

“It’s amazing how much stale air is circulating in winter,” said Gary Porter, the Safety and Warehouse Equipment Group Director for IBT.  He added that HVAC systems do not draw in as much fresh air during the winter months.

“Most people think of summer heat as the problem,” said Porter.  “But for a food manufacturer or a hot production facility, stagnant air is a challenge 365 days a year—especially in winter.”

Common Air Problems

Porter adds that most circulation problems can easily be fixed by redirecting or adding the right fans, heaters, and coolers.  He recommends getting a full ventilation assessment if you experience any of the following common air problems:

  • Condensation drips
  • Heat stress
  • Stagnant air
  • Humidity
  • Frost control
  • “Hot spots”

Ventilation Assessment

The IBT Ventilation Assessment Program looks at your workspace to identify circulation and ventilation issues, then provides a complete report detailing the key problems and solutions that fit your budget.  In many cases, the simple addition or repositioning of a circulation fan can help.

“The goal is to make your employees more comfortable, and therefore more productive—plus enhance regulatory compliance,” said Porter.  “Ultimately, you are going to save money on your energy consumption over time.”

Fixing the Problems

“Porter’s team often recommends the strategic placement of high-speed Schaefer circulation fans, such as the 72” Big Dog, to move air more efficiently through a warehouse or hot production facility. They also often position evaporative coolers to cool and circulate the air around a hot manufacturing process—such as those used in brick-making, fiberglass manufacturing, or maintenance operations.

Schaefer really stands behind their products, which is why we often recommend them on our assessments,” Porter said. “They are high-quality products with one of the best warranty programs in the industry, and we find them to be very cost-effective over the long haul.”

Reducing Energy Consumption

Porter added that companies who get ventilation assessments reduce their overall energy and utility costs, as well as their risk of fines by the USDA and OSHA.

“When we analyze a work environment, we can drastically reduce energy consumption and potential regulatory fines,” said Porter. “By controlling this one critical environmental condition—air quality—we can even reduce heat stress and improve overall productivity.”

Schedule your ventilation assessment or call Gary Porter at (913) 261-2143 for more information about Schaefer circulation fans.


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