Enduro Flex Turbo Flap Disc Features New Cyclone Technology

Enduro Flex Turbo Flap Disc Features New Cyclone Technology

Enduro Flex Turbo features new CycloneTM Technology. Developed by Walter to surpass the performance of existing coated abrasives, Cyclone Technology is an exclusive blend of abrasive grain, bonding and cooling agents.

While cooling agents reduce heat and friction, high tech abrasive grain removes more material. Not only does it provide a faster cut rate, it ensures superior product life. Great for Weld Removal, Edge Breaking and Blending Applications

Removes Faster Than A 36 Grit And Finishes Like A 60 Grit

  • Coated with CycloneTM abrasive grain, Walter’s newest flap disc combines the fastest removal rate in the industry with the finishing ability of a sanding disc.
  • TurbofanTM Cooling increases disc life with cooler operation and decreases discolorization from heat build-up.
  • Extremely versatile, the Enduro Flex Turbo meets the demands of high-alloyed steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Why Use Enduro Flex Turbo?
Faster Removal With A Finer Finish
Competitive 40 grit flap discs leave deep scratches in the work piece that must be later removed with sanding discs. The Enduro Flex Turbo combines faster metal removal with a finer finish. Save time and money by using one flap disc to accomplish the work of two competitive discs.

Save Money And Increase Productivity
With an ultra-fast cut rate, the Enduro Flex Turbo removes 25% more material when compared to other flap discs. Even after 35 minutes, it continues to consistently deliver aggressive performance significantly reducing your total cost of use!


Removes faster than a 36 grit,
and leaves a 60 grit finish
Accomplishes the work of two discs
Complete projects in less time
TurbofanTM Cooling Increases flap disc life, cooler operation, decreases discolorization from heat build-up
Designed for All Metals One disc does it all
5-8°-11 Spin-On Hub Flap disc mounts quickly and easily
No clamping nut is required



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